DFS NBA Optimal Lineups: May 1
Ben Scherr

Kelly Olynyk is expected to let the Celtics know if he will have surgery on his shoulder within the next week or so.

Down the stretch of the year Olynyk was banged up and barely was able to play in Boston's first-round playoff matchup against the Hawks. He played 32 minutes total over six games to be exact. Olynyk had a rollercoaster season but did do some really nice things. The seven-footer shot 40-percent from beyond the arc which was a career-high. He's irrelevant in fantasy basketball going forward whether or not he has shoulder surgery or not.
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Warriors GM Bob Myers said Stephen Curry doesn’t know when he’ll return, nobody does.

Curry underwent a platelet-rich plasma treatment on his sprained right knee on Tuesday as a way to continue his recovery process. This is the second treatment he has received since the injury in hopes of speeding up the recovery time. The Warriors had expected Curry back for either Saturday's Game 3 or Monday's Game 4, but Myers' statement does not give anyone much optimism. We should know more about his status after Thursday's practice. The Warriors currently hold a 2-0 series lead.
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Draymond Green scored 17 points (7-of-20 FGA, 3-of-4 FTA) with 14 rebounds, seven assists, one steal and four blocks over 41 minutes Tuesday against the Trail Blazers

Green is the motor that makes this Warriors team run and he has been the main cog in the 2-0 series for the Warriors. He fell just short of a triple-double on Tuesday night and his play on both ends of the ball is second to none in the NBA right now. Green does not light up the score sheet but his ability to rebound and distribute the ball make him one of the more dangerous players in the league. Expect him to be in the middle of things for Golden State for the duration of the playoffs and he should be viewed as a solid DFS option on a nightly basis.
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Klay Thompson scored 27 points (7-of-20 FGA, 8-of-8 FTA) with three rebounds and three assists over 40 minutes Tuesday against the Trail Blazers

Thompson continued his hot play Tuesday in the absence of Curry and willed the Warriors to a 2-0 series lead. It seems like Thompson is enjoying the spotlight as he is averaging 25 points with four rebounds and three assists a night. The Warriors are firing on all cylinders right now and the return of Curry will only make them better. With Curry's minutes likely to be monitored upon his return, expect nothing to change wit the way Thompson is playing as he should continue to put up 25+ a night.
5 hours ago

C.J. McCollum scored 22 points (9-of-19 FGA, 3-of-4 FTA) with two rebounds, two assists, one steal and one block over 40 minutes Tuesday against the Warriors

McCollum continues to be a perfect compliment to Lillard as he added 22 points despite the losing effort. McCollum has shown that he is a primetime fantasy performer and should be treated as so even if he is playing the Warriors. Expect right around 20 points with three rebounds and three assists out of McCollum per night as long as the Blazers are still alive.
5 hours ago

Damian Lillard scored 25 points (8-of-20 FGA, 3-of-3 FTA, 6-of-11 3PA) with four rebounds, six assists and two steals over 40 minutes Tuesday against the Warriors

Lillard did all he could do to will the Trail Blazers to victory on Tuesday night but came up short as Thompson and Green were just too much to overcome. Despite the 2-0 hole in the series, Lillard continues to produce and is now averaging 23 points with three rebounds and five assists a night. With Curry's return on the horizon, Lillard and the Blazers best chance at stealing a couple games may have come and gone but regardless, he will still put up big time scoring numbers for the remainder of this series.
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DeMar DeRozan scored 22 points (9-of-22 FGA, 4-of-6 FTA) with two rebounds, two assists and one steal over 42 minutes Tuesday against the Heat

DeRozan has done his fair share of scoring to this point but it seems like he has gone missing in some key parts of the playoffs. He is still averaging 18 points to this point so if we are talking pure fantasy value there is still some value there and should continue to be there throughout the playoffs. Look for DeRozan to step it up a bit as well if Lowry continues his struggles on the offensive end.
5 hours ago

Jonas Valanciunas scored 24 points (10-of-16 FGA, 4-of-4 FTA) with 14 rebounds, three assists, two steals and three blocks over 41 minutes Tuesday against the Heat

Valanciunas has made a name for himself this postseason especially with the likes of DeRozan and Lowry struggling at points. Through eight games, Valanciunas is averaging 14 points with 12 rebounds a night and is proving to be the best scoring option on the Raptors at this point. With the Heat boasting Whiteside down low, Valanciunas may be slowed a bit but at this point you should keep riding with him in DFS.
5 hours ago

Dwyane Wade scored 24 points (10-of-21 FGA, 3-of-3 FTA) with six rebounds, four assists, three steals and two blocks over 37 minutes Tuesday against the Raptors

It seems as if Wade thinks its 2006 and he is playing alongside Shaq because he is putting on a show this postseason and showing he has a lot left in the tank. Wade is averaging 19 points with five rebounds and four assists a night to this point in the playoffs and is making this Heat team go. He is giving the Raptors some fits on the defensive end and with the way he is playing on the offensive end it will be tough to take down Miami. Wade seem primed to make another run at a title and a meeting with his old buddy LeBron may be on hand.
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Goran Dragic scored 26 points (10-of-20 FGA, 3-of-5 FTA, 3-of-4 3PA) with six rebounds and two assists over 41 minutes Tuesday against the Raptors

Outside of Wade, Dragic has been the most consistent piece on this Heat team this postseason. It seems he is focusing more on his scoring then pacing the game which is is seemingly helping the Heat as they are putting up some big time numbers. Dragic has shown all throughout his career he is a great faciliatator and a plus scorer for a PG and he is putting that on display this postseason. With Lowry struggling with his shooting, the match-up of the two PG could be the deciding factor in this series as it was clear Tuesday as Dragic was the better of the two.
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