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Johnny Cueto turned down a 6-year $120 million offer from the Diamondbacks.

The Diamondbacks are an ace pitcher away from being a serious contender in the NL and they were hoping Cueto would be the answer to their problems. But maybe they should this as a silver lining, as it's very questionable whether or not he's worth the money. There's no doubt Cueto will be hunting for the biggest contract he can get this offseason. Analysis: Zack Carpenter

The Orioles have expressed interest in free-agent Denard Span, but as a right fielder.

Span could be the perfect fit for the Orioles offense as he would be the projected lead off hitter and table setter for the Orioles lineup.  Analysis: Chris Diaz

Tigers reached a deal with P Jordan Zimmerman.

Terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, but this should be a nice move for Detroit, a team in dire need of a boost for their starting rotation. Zimmermann posted his best season in 2014 and failed to duplicate the numbers as his ERA climbed a full run while his strikeout rate dropped nearly a batter per inning. Still, the overall product is solid and the move to pitcher-friendly Comerica Park should help ease the transition moving to the Amercian League. His strikeout rate may take a slight hit, but he should improve in a number of relevant fantasy categories. Analysis: Howard Bender

According to Ken Rosenthal, John Lackey could become a target of the Giants.

Lackey put together a phenomenal 2015 campaign after the Cardinals suffered multiple injuries in their starting rotation, Lackey stepped up and became their number one starter down the stretch. He has been targeted by a few teams to this point and is drawing some interest from the Giants. Wherever he ends up in 2016 is likely where he will finish out his career.  Analysis: Dillon Conklin

Blue Jays aren’t commenting publicly about their chances of re-signing David Price.

With the offseason in full swing, MLB team's are going over all their options on who to go out and get. With the Jays clearly interested in Price, they have taken the route of just seeing how things will come out and are not commenting on their chances of getting the lefty. This can be viewed as discouraging being if they were the frontrunners you would think they would like to publicly announce that.  Analysis: Dillon Conklin

Tigers are in discussions with Jordan Zimmermann.

There is nothing definite to this point, but reports have surfaced that Jordan Zimmermann is in "serious" discussions with the Tigers. Zimmermann would form a nice one-two punch with Justin Verlander atop the rotation in Detroit. Zimmermann was 13-10 in 2015 with a 3.66 ERA and 164 strikeouts in 201 2/3 innings pitched.  Analysis: Greg Jewett

Update: Byung-Ho Park is reportedly traveling to America and expected to sign with the Twins.

While there are no numbers to report in regards to Byung-Ho Park's contract value, he is on his way to America to sign with the Twins. Minnesota won the right to negotiate with the power hitting first baseman from the Korean Baseball League. With the success that Jung-Ho Kang had last season, the Twins will take a chance on Park who has hit 105 home runs in 268 games the last two years in Korea. Minnesota has until December 8 to finalize the deal.  Analysis: Greg Jewett

Sean Nolin will compete for a rotation spot next season.

Due to the question marks outside of Sonny Gray and Rich Hill for the Oakland rotation, Sean Nolin is a prospect worth monitoring for the upcoming season. Nolin was a part of the Josh Donaldson trade from Toronto. He was 2-2 at Triple-A in 2015 with a 2.66 ERA in 47 1/3 innings pitched. Nolin also made six starts with Oakland last year with a 1-2 record and a 5.28 ERA. But being left-handed and in a pitchers park will give Nolin a chance to improve in 2016.  Analysis: Greg Jewett

An anonymous baseball executive says Nationals closer Jonathan Papelbon is “untradeable.”

Combine Jonathan Papelbon's volatile personality along with the $11 million dollar price tag for this season and you can connect the dots as to why he is "untradeable". Papelbon did record 24 saves in 2015 with a 2.13 ERA but is an abrasive clubhouse presence with a declining strikeout rate.  Analysis: Greg Jewett

Mike Hessman, the all-time minor league home run leader, has retired.

Hessman had a truly unique and remarkable career, finishing his career with 433 home runs in the minor leagues, a record. Hessman terrorized minor league pitchers for 19 seasons, but never got an extended look in the majors, hitting .188 with 14 home runs. He's the rare example of a player with all of one tool, and little of the other, as he could never hit enough to succeed at the highest level despite his monstrous power. Hessman, now 37, is likely to stay in the game as a coach.  Analysis: Ben Diamond

Korean slugger Byung-ho Park is reportedly traveling to Minnesota to talk with the Twins.

With a $12.85M winning bid, the Twins now have 30 days to negotiate a contract with Park and his agent. If they don't, they will be refunded the money and Park will return to the KBO. The Korean slugger batted .343/.436/.714 with 53 home runs last season for the Nexen Heroes and hit 52 the year before. The KBO is notoriously hitter-friendly, so take those numbers with a grain of salt. He should still be able to hit for power, but given the dimensions of Target Field, 25 home runs is more of a realistic expectation. Analysis: Howard Bender

Pirates signed RHP Curtis Partch to a minor league contract.

Partch has spent the past two seasons pitching for the Reds out of their bullpen and will likely get a chance to earn a spot in the Pirates bullpen in 2015. Partch, though is a long-shot to make the opening day squad and should be considered organizational bullpen depth.  Analysis: Dillon Conklin

Matt West has re-signed with the Dodgers.

West made his way up to the Majors last season but that was limited to only two innings. He will be in the Minors again this year for the Dodgers and will be used as insurance in the case of any injuries in the Dodgers bullpen.  Analysis: Dillon Conklin

Rangers have re-signed RHP Jefri Hernandez to a minor league deal.

Hernandez mainly came out of the bullpen down in the Minors for the Rangers last season and that is likely where he will end up again this year after re-signing with the Rangers. The 24-year old does not project to make it onto the big league squad to start the year but he does give the team some organizational relief pitching depth.  Analysis: Dillon Conklin

Dayan Viciedo is close to signing with Japan's Chunichi Dragons.

Viciedo has been one of the few big time Cuban busts in the majors of late, and was DFA'd by the White Sox last season. He was unable to find a job and looks to be out of the majors for good now. Viciedo has big time power but little else that brings value. Analysis: Ben Diamond


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