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Fantasy Football Pie Bet

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Pie For Charity

Fantasy Alarm will donate $10 to the charity below for every pie to the face!

Childrens Fund

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Welcome to Fantasy Alarm’s Fantasy Football Pie Bet!

Jim Bowden and I compete in a variety of fantasy football leagues against each other and while the bragging rights are great, we wanted to have a little more fun with it. We wanted to up the stakes but still keep it light and fun. Well, what’s more fun than watching your buddy get hit in the face with a pie? Pure comedy, right?

And so #FFPieBet was born.

With the help of our producers Justin Fensterman and Ani Sridhar of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio we created a competition among the four of us where, every week, each of us would draft a wide receiver and whichever player finished with the lowest score in a full-point PPR format, his owner would have to post a video of himself taking a pie to the face on social media.
After a couple of weeks, many of you asked to join the bet and, happily, we obliged.

Every Friday on the Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM, the four of us receive the draft order and make our wide receiver selections. We then open up the competition to all of you.
The rules are simple:

  1. You may not select a wide receiver one of the four of us has taken.
  2. If your wide receiver finishes with a score better than any of ours, you are in the clear. No pie.
  3. If your wide receiver finishes with a score below ALL four of ours, you must post a video of yourself taking a pie to the face.

Easy, right? Beat one of us and you’re in the clear. Lose to ALL of us and it’s Pie City!

Tweet @FantasyAlarm @rotobuzzguy & @SiriusXMFantasy with your entry and use the hashtag #FFPieBet.

Submissions will be accepted up to the kickoff of the first game each Sunday.

If you lose and post a video of yourself getting pied on Twitter, then fill out the form below and we'll send you a special Fantasy Alarm t-shirt with I Got Pied & #FFPieBet branding!

Please fill out the form below and upload your #FFPieBet video to receive your FREE t-shirt.

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