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Back in 2009 Founder and CEO, Jeremy Levine, started StarStreet with the tutelage of TechStars. Levine’s first idea revolved around a sports stock market where users could buy and trade stock of their favorite players and teams. Building off of this buzz, StarStreet decided to go into a different direction—daily fantasy sports! "We started getting so much traction with the daily fantasy games that we felt it was best to put the market on hold while we focused on the daily games. We just didn't want to offer an experience we weren't totally proud of, as much as we loved the market", Levine said.


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StarStreet is one of the easiest to use daily fantasy sports websites in the industry. When putting together your lineup you simply need to choose the game you want to enter, put together your unbeatable squad, and then you can easily enter as many contests as you want all from the same page. This differs from other sites in that typically they take you to a second page, after submitting your lineup, in order to submit your other lineups.


StarStreet is backed by investments from TechStars, Jarr Capital, and SV Angel. 

The only issue I see is that their salary cap formula is a bit high; it’s pretty difficult to put together two good pitchers with a solid offense, but their scoring system does award pitchers quite a bit of points.


Pitchers receive 15 points for a win, 2 points for ever out, 4 points for every strikeout, and -4 for earned runs, -1 for hits, and -1 for walks. It’s typically in your best interest to go with some stud pitching and find some sleepers on offense. 

1.    NBA

1.    Point = 1 point

2.    Rebound = 1.25 points

3.    Assist = 1.25 points

4.    Block = 2 points

5.    Steal = 2 points

6.    Turnover = -1 point

2.    MLB

1.    i. Hitters

1.    Single = 4 point

2.    Double = 8 points

3.    Triple = 12 points

4.    Home Run = 16 points

5.    RBI = 3 point

6.    Run = 3 point

7.    Walk = 4 point

8.    Stolen Base = 8 points

9.    Hit By Pitch = 4 point

10.  Outs = -1 points

*Hitters will not get credit for pitching stats.

2.    ii. Pitchers

1.    Win = 15 points

2.    Outs = 2 points

3.    Strike Out = 4 point

4.    Earned Run = -4 point

5.    Hit = -1 points

6.    Walk = -1 points

*Pitchers will not get credit for their hitting stats.

3.    NFL

1.    Passing Touchdown = 4 points

2.    Passing Yard = .04 points

3.    Interception Thrown = -2 points

4.    Any (non passing) Touchdown = 6 points

5.    Rushing Yard = .1 points

6.    Receptions = 1 point

7.    Receiving Yard = .1 points

8.    Fumble Lost = -2 points

9.    Two Point Conversion (both passing and scored) = 2 points

4.    NHL

1.    i. Skater

1.    Goal = 10 points

2.    Assist = 6 points

3.    Shot On Goal = 2 points

4.    Blocked Shot = 2 points

5.    Plus/Minus* = (+/-)1 point

6.    Power Play Goal Bonus = 1 point

7.    Power Play Assist Bonus = 1 point

8.    Shorthand Goal Bonus = 1 point

9.    Shorthand Assist Bonus = 1 point

*When teams score on a power play they do not get a Plus

2.    ii. Goalies

1.    Goal Against* = -5 points

2.    Save = 1 point

3.    Win = 8 points

4.    Shutout = 5 points

*Shootout goals do not count for the scorer or against the goalie

StarStreet has really upped their game in the last several months and we recommend you go check them out now and take advantage of the 100% deposit bonus up to $100. The first games you should check out are their Playboy Fantasy Baseball Championship (PFBC) qualifiers. Yup, I said Playboy. If you’re looking for an exciting fantasy sports promotion I’m not sure there are many others out there that can literally get your juices flowin’ like this one. The best part about the PFBC is that you can get your round-trip flight to and from LA, entry to the $200k PFBC, 2-night stay, and other accommodations for as little as $0! The site runs freerolls awarding tickets into the larger qualifier tourneys regularly, but you can play qualifier tourneys every day. Some of the qualifiers run in their Pick Five games which are quick and easy pick’em games. Simply choose which player you think will score more fantasy points than their opponents in each of the five matchups. Get them all correct and you could be on your way to LA (or to a big payday).


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As I mentioned, StarStreet runs a great pick’em game, but they also do some nice salary cap games in fantasy football, basketball, hockey, and baseball formats. They run on a $100k salary cap and their baseball games require you to select 2 SPs, 1 C, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 3B, 1 SS, 3 OF, and 1 Utility (for the rest of the roster requirements see the scoring tab).


StarStreet’s league sizes and entry fees can range quite a bit depending on which day you decide to jump on and get in on the action. These guys do a great job with offering multiple multiplier type games (enter for $2.20 and you can win 2-5x your initial investment) as well as offering several head-to-head leagues. The only thing I would like to see would be some more guaranteed prize pools and larger league sizes. Most of their larger leagues have smaller entry fees, so they don’t allow you to get quite as big of a bang for your buck as some other sites. That said, they do offer some big GPPs from time to time.


One of the coolest features on StarStreet is their rakeback program. Depending on your level in their VIP Program (based upon games played and entry fees) you can earn up to 50% of your rake back. This is a quality asset they’ve plugged into their community and one that I personally find to be one of the best in the industry. 


StarStreet allows players to deposit via PayPal, Credit and Debit Card, and Prepaid Credit and Gift Cards. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX credit cards.


Another cool feature that they offer is the ability to send gift cards. This is unique to StarStreet and a pleasant addition that can be utilized to get your friends and family to the site.


After you’ve won and decided to collect some of your cash winnings you can withdraw easily via PayPal and have your money within 24 hours. They also offer check withdraws, if you’re still into that kind of thing, and they process those within 10 days. Your money is safe and secure. 

StarStreet’s lobby is right in front of you as soon as you go to the site – perfect for the player that wants to just jump right into the games. You can find guaranteed, multipliers, pick five, and other game types with one simple click of the mouse and you can also sort by game times and sport with their filtering system. To the left of the leagues they’re offering you can see your VIP Rewards, account information, and your winnings.


At the very top of the page you’ll find two options: Pick Five and Play Daily. These options allow you to quickly jump into either of the formats presented and then choose your entry fee and league size all from one page. This is unique to the site and an option that is very painless to use and saves the user a ton of time.


Directly below the buttons (first you’ll see a promotional banner, but below that) you’ll see the Featured Tournaments. This is where they present you with the biggest opportunities to win huge cash prizes and the games where you can take advantage of their promotions.


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When putting that winning team together, as mentioned, you can simply enter multiple contests on the same page. Just click the options on the right-hand side and enter how many times you’d like to enter each contest. Once you find out one of your players is out of the lineup, or maybe you’ve gotten some last minute news about bad weather, just go in and edit your lineups via upcoming games. From this page, you can click the Enter Team Into More Contests option and then the rest of the games will display. I appreciate that they didn’t just throw these in front of you by default; they give the user the option to do so.


The interface at StarStreet is clean, simple, and has most of the bells and whistles one could ever want. From player search to the ability to enter as many games as you want with just a few clicks, there really isn’t anything to complain about. 

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