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Sports Tradex is a relatively new site that features some new, innovative fantasy sports contests, not just the standard salary cap contests of most other sites. Their most popular games are their Pick'em/Survivor contests. In these contests, you are presented with a list of matchups between pre-set fantasy teams. Among these matchups, you select which fantasy teams will win their matchups.


In their Pick'em contests, you are presented with 10 matchups and must make 7 selections. So out of the 10 matchups, you bypass three of the matchups that you think are too close to call. Among the others, you select which fantasy team you think will win. Whoever has the most correct  selections wins the contest.


Their Survivor contests are similar to their Pick'em contests. However, the Pick'em contests just last one day. Survivor contests mimic other survivor contests where if you get your selection right, you move on to the next round (which is generally the next day or week). Whoever lasts the longest wins. In Survivor matchups, you generally just choose one matchup to win per round.


In addition to the Pick'em/Survivor contests, Sports Tradex also has stock market based games. In these contests, you are given a set amount of fake money at the outset of the contest ($5,000 generally). You then buy and sell shares of the teams that you think will win or lose the contest. Whoever has the most fake money at the end of the contest wins the prize. They have their trading contests for both real-world events (such as who will win the Super Bowl) and fantasy events (which fantasy team will perform the best that weekend). Their real-world trading contests are always free to enter, so they are basically just freerolls to spur interest in the site.


Currently, Sports Tradex has fantasy events in NFL, MLB, and NBA only. They have freerolls in trading contests for a variety of sports, including golf, racing, and college sports.


Sports Tradex has a fairly standard fantasy scoring system. Their MLB scoring emphasizes pitching more so than most sites. Another major difference is that Sports Tradex counts the hitting statistics of pitchers, so NL pitchers that happen to smack a few RBIs get an added boost in fantasy production.


Since teams are pre-set, there aren't roster options like most other sites. You just choose which of the pre-set teams you believe will win their matchups.


  • Points: 1

  • Rebounds: 1

  • Assists: 1.5

  • Blocks: 2

  • Steals: 2


  • Pass TD: 4

  • Pass Yd: .04

  • Rush TD: 6

  • Rush Yd: .1

  • Reception TD: 6

  • Reception Yd: .1

  • Return TD: 6

  • 2PT Conv (pass, reception, or rush): 2

  • FUM: -2

  • INT: -2


  • Hitting:Hits: 3 (double +2, triple +4, HR +6)

  • RBI: 3

  • R: 3

  • HBP: 3

  • BB: 3

  • SB: 3

  • Pitching:IP: 3 (1 point per out)

  • SO: 2

  • ER: -3

  • W: 5

  • CG: 3

*Note: Hitting statistics of pitchers DO count as well as pitching statistics of hitters.


If you signup today  at Sports Tradex and use the bonus code INFO when depositing, you will receive a 30% up to $60 bonus. You receive and you can use your bonus money immediately (you don't have to wait for it to 'leak' into your account like other sites).


In addition to generous bonus terms, Sports Tradex often has a lot of overlays with their contests. Since they are a new site, their main focus is to get as large as possible. They won't shy away from having to put up some of the contest money themselves if it means having larger contests.


Not only are their overlays, the rake at Sports Tradex tends to be a bit lower. Their $11 and under games have standard rake, but it is generally lower than the industry standard of 10% once you hit the $27 level. For example, in a contest with a $40 buy-in, the entry fee is just $3 at Sports Tradex, instead of $4 like most other sites. That's a solid 25% reduction in rake right there.


Withdrawing is very simple and can be done by Paypal or check. Paypal withdrawals are processed within 48 hours (generally 24 hours or less). Sports Tradex makes sure that your money is safe and secure and you don't have to sweat being paid promptly.


Sports Tradex has a very clean, crisp lobby. Since it is a smaller site, there are fewer contests to choose from and hence less sorting options. As they expand, we are told that their lobby will adapt to the increase in contests.


Their games and lobby are both very mobile-responsive for all types of smartphones.


They group their lobby primarily by the type of contest. At the top are the trading/stock market style contests. Below that are the Pick'ems and finally the Survivor contests.


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