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Fantasy Feud has been around since April 2011 and has made some vast improvements since their inception. The first major DFS site to come out of Canada has raised over $1M in series A funding and is awarding its interactive community with a wide array of fantasy sports contests.


One of the longer standing fantasy sites in the DFS industry literally has something for every fan. Whether you’re a fantasy golf fanatic or prefer one of the three major sports, there is some sort of DFS championship on the line.  


Since 2011, Feud has added features like a community store, Rakeback program, and Fantasy Feud blogs. The DFS site offers fantasy football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, college football and basketball. Their game formats include salary cap, pickem, and snake drafts. 

The scoring on Feud is very much in line with what you’ve seen around the fantasy sports industry which allows you to make a seamless transition.


There are some major differences, however. Feud uses a $1M salary cap, doesn’t include kickers, and requires two flex positions for fantasy football. 

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Fantasy College Football

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Fantasy Feud’s cash prizes are seemingly growing every year and this can be seen with their wide variety of championship and showcase events. For starters, Feud’s fantasy baseball “Triple Play for $50K” is awarding $20,000 to the winner and the entry fee is just $165. While this isn’t the biggest tourney in the industry, it is much higher than you’ll find at a lot of the other sites.   




As far as the administrative fees, Feud is right in line with the industry average; however, they offer an up to 17% rakeback program that is perfect for players who are looking to make the most out of their bankrolls. The program starts with the “Minor League” level and works all the way up to the “Hall of Fame”. To make it to the highest status you must have simply paid over $499.99 in fees over the course of a calendar month.


With fantasy football season upon us, and obviously being the biggest sport in fantasy, I’d recommend you check out their innovative season-long Field of Dreams Fantasy Football Championship. Just ‘cause it’s DFS doesn’t mean we can jump in on a little season-long action!


Fantasy Fued allows players to deposit via PayPal in an extremely safe and easy process. They accept all of the major credit cards, deposit by bank, and take all payments through PayPal.  

Fantasy Feud is currently offering a 100% deposit bonus up to $500 by using Rotoinfo’s signup links. Make sure to take advantage of this offer now, before it expires.


Fantasy Feud has done a great job at making their site user friendly and easy to use for the most part. Their filters are easy to understand and very clean. Like DraftStreet, Feud offers Snake Draft leagues which allow you to do a single-day (or week) draft that’s similar to probably what you’ve done in your season-long leagues. This is probably one of my favorite options on the site and one that I know you’ll enjoy.




If there’s any one thing I don’t particularly enjoy about Feud it would have to be their player-selection screen. It’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen, so don’t let that stop you from playing on their site, but it’s just a bit more complicated than maybe it needs to be. That said, they’ve made this page run much smoother than it has in the past and they supply you with all of the information you can need and make it easy to find your players. 

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