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Fantasy Aces ReviewFantasy Aces is the newest daily fantasy site to hit the industry and they’ve already been able to land a huge sponsorship deal with a very popular professional athlete – “Kung-Fu Panda”, aka Pablo Sandoval.


Fantasy Aces is family-owned and operated and after speaking to these guys a few times I can tell you they plan on sticking around for the long haul.


I love how these guys put together their website; from their sleek designs, great visuals, innovative player selection, and top-notch mobile platform, Fantasy Aces has built a great foundation.


Currently, Fantasy Aces is offering fantasy baseball games and are set to launch their fantasy football games in September 2013 with fantasy basketball games following shortly after that. 

Fantasy Aces has some unique formats and roster requirements. Unlike other sites, they simply require you to choose two 1B/3B and two 2B/SS - it doesn't matter if you choose two 2B or two SS. As long as you meet the minimum at each slot, while using the $50,000 salary cap, you're all set. There is a curveball, however. Fantasy Aces has a ‘SalaryPro’ format that allows you to go over the salary cap. If you decide to take advantage of this option, you incur a loss of fantasy points at the start of the contest, but if you stay under, you're rewarded with bonus points. 


I personally enjoy how a Utility position is implemented. Just as you probably imagined, you can put any player you'd like here, with the exception of pitchers.


Roster Positions (10 total)

  • 1B/3B
  • 1B/3B
  • 2B/SS
  • 2B/SS
  • F
  • OF
  • OF
  • C
  • P
  • UTL (no pitchers)

Point System (Batters)

  • Single  =  1pt
  • Double = 2pts
  • Triple = 3pts
  • Homerun = 4pts
  • RBI = 1pt
  • Run = 1pt
  • Walk = 1pt
  • HBP = .50pts
  • Stolen Base = 2pts
  • Outs = -.25pts  
  • Strike Out = -.25pts ( out + K = -.50pts combined)

Point System (Pitchers)

  • Innings Pitched = 1.5pts (.50 per out)
  • Stike Out = 1pt
  • Earned Run = -1pt
  • Walk = -.25pts
  • Hit = -.25pts
  • Hit Batter = -.25pts
  • Win = 5pts
  • Loss = -2pts

*pitchers are not eligible for batter points


Fantasy Aces has offered up a very generous deposit bonus for our visitors, so go sign up now with the promo code ‘rotoinfo’ to take advantage of the 100% deposit bonus up to $250! As mentioned, this site is very new, so don’t expect the huge guaranteed prize pools (GPPs) that some of the other, longer-standing sites are doing, but they do have some very interesting games going on each and every week.


For starters, the Friday “Pandamonium” freeroll offers up users a shot at $50. This may not seem like much, but with the day-and-age of the daily fantasy sports (DFS) freeroll seemingly coming to an end, this is a game you should definitely take advantage of. Now, if you’re wondering what the heck is “Pandamonium”, well, check out the below graphic. Fantasy Aces worked out a deal, which is very impressive by the way, with superstar Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants. This is impressive because these guys haven’t been around long and are essentially the “new-born” of the DFS industry.

     Daily Fantasy Sports Review

Every Sunday Fantasy Aces offer up a $500 GPP sponsored by the Panda and they payout the top ten places. You even get to play against the star third basemen! If you’re new to the industry or have been facing some bad luck at other sites, whatever the case may be, this GPP offers up the opportunity to get your feet wet and win some nice cash without the elite competition that other sites possess.


One of my favorite game types the site offers are their ‘Triple Play’ contests. This format pays the top finisher in a matchup with three users in a winner-take-all format. 


Fantasy Aces allow players to deposit via PayPal and process withdraws within 24 hours. The process is extremely safe, easy, and fast and works exactly the way it should.


Currently, they only offer the ability to use PayPal, but it’s still possible to use your debit and credit cards through the processing site. 

Fantasy AcesThe interface at Fantasy Aces is quite impressive, overall. These guys put together a super quick, easy to understand, and even easier to navigate user-friendly interface. One of the most unique pages of the family-owned site is their player-selection screen.


I love that Fantasy Aces took a new approach and didn’t go the same route as their competitors. While some say “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”, I say if no one has tried it, how do we know it doesn’t work? These guys are trying something that no one else has and I applaud them for that. I’m not sure what these guys have planned for their football player-selection screen, but I gotta believe it will be fairly impressive. If you look to the left, you’ll see a screenshot of the baseball selection screen. This type of screen, in my opinion is much more interactive and aesthetically pleasant.


The game lobby, which is immediately the first thing you see when you go to the site, is on the simple side, but very effective. The filtering system is very fast and works exactly how it should. As I’ve said, these guys have built an impressive site and it’s difficult to find bugs.

Fantasy Aces

My favorite thing about Fantasy Aces is hands down their mobile version. I will typically do all of my research and enter games while using a PC or laptop, but when I’m on the go I constantly use a mobile device. I can honestly say this is the most impressive part of the Fantasy Aces experience that I’ve seen to date. They very well may have the fastest and sleekest live scoring mobile platform, and I’m not sure it’s close when considering functionality.


The fact that they’ve been able to hit the mobile floor running leads me to believe that these guys are going to be doing some big things in the very near future. 

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