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FanDuel.com has been around since the early days of daily fantasy. The site was the first major DFS site to come onto the scene in 2009 and since they started they’ve been able to raise a whopping $18m in funding! Their investors include Pentech Ventures, Piton Capital, Bullpen Capital and most recently, Comcast Ventures. The Comcast Ventures deal was for $11m and was for FanDuel’s Series C of financing.


It’s currently estimated that FanDuel owns 60% of the daily fantasy market share.


As you probably gathered from the opening paragraph, FanDuel is no joke. They’ve raised an immense amount of capital and use it for huge promotions and payouts. The site pays out the most prizes in the industry each year and at $2,000,000 in payouts each week, I’m not sure anyone else is even on the same planet. 


FanDuel offers fantasy football, baseball, basketball, college basketball and hockey games on a regular basis with entry fees starting at just $1. 

FanDuel offers games that have basic, expert, and beginner salary cap budgets in order to cater to the different skill levels of the fantasy user. This gives new (and veteran) users the ability to play games at their level.


The scoring system is a pretty basic one and is easy to get used to. They do present some differences from their competitors, however, including: -.25 for every out made in fantasy baseball and -1 for every turnover in basketball. Their football scoring is very similar to what most season-long users have seen. 


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FanDuel ReviewSign-up now using our FanDuel referral links and receive a 30% bonus up to $100. FanDuel might not offer the biggest bonus in the industry, but what they lack in bonuses they more than make up for in guaranteed prize pools. On any given day you can go to FanDuel’s game lobby and see outrageous prize pools and opportunities to win. Several players are taking home $5k in prizes daily and making a great living.


The biggest prize pools not only in the history of FanDuel, but in all of fantasy sports, is their Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship that is awarding $1,000,000! The winner of this monstrous event will take home $200k with all 45 finalists taking home cash prizes and winning free trips to Vegas. This type of tourney doesn’t just popup every day in the DFS industry, but if I were to guess we’ll be seeing more and more of these types of championship events from FanDuel.


You can win a seat to the DFBC for as little as $1 or jump into a larger qualifier for as much as $109. This reminds me a lot of how poker sites would award tickets to their WSOP packages. CEO Nigel Eccles and the rest of the FanDuel team do a great job of making these larger events accessible for users with smaller bankrolls.


As mentioned, FanDuel has been around longer than any other DFS site and they’re far from fading out. Not only are they the oldest, but they’re also the biggest. This can easily be seen with one glance at their game lobby. When they say they payout $2m in prizes every week, they’re not kidding. You can enter games for $1 and play for $2k or enter for $270 and play for $8k; there are tons of guaranteed prize pools and FanDuel gives you every chance to get a huge return on your investment.


FanDuel also has head-to-head, double-up, and league sizes ranging from 3-20, aside from their humongous GPP events. There’s a reason FanDuel has become the first commercialized daily fantasy site (of course, $18 million in funding helps, as well). 


FanDuel allows players to deposit via PayPal, Credit and Debit Card, and Prepaid Credit and Gift Cards. They only accept Visa as far as credit/debit cards are concerned, which is a minor issue, but an issue nonetheless.


The withdraw process is very simple as they payout through PayPal. Withdrawal requests are typically processed within 24 hours, but can take a bit longer. You may have to wait two days to receive your withdraw, which is acceptable, but I’d like to see them do this a bit quicker. After all, they don’t exactly have a shortage of funds.

FanDuel takes a clean and simple approach to their game lobby. Their filtering system is set off to the side and their game lobby is showcased immediately when you visit their site. If you’re looking for the larger games just click the Prizes link at the top of the lobby and then you’ll be able to checkout all of their larger games.


In order to make a great site and constantly add new upgrades and features you have to possess a great development team and FanDuel has just that. Working out of their office in Edinburgh, FanDuel’s developers are some of the best in the industry and you can tell they’re always hard at work. You’ll rarely, if ever,  find errors in their software and they give you very little to complain about as a user.


    FanDuel Review


FanDuel’s simplistic approach has resulted in one of the most interactive communities in the industry and this can be seen right in their chat. Users can log in at almost any time of day and find fellow patrons to talk shop with. They do a great job of getting some of their bigger games up in advance which allows their community to get in on the action before missing out on a big game. 

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