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When it comes to daily fantasy sports often times people refer to the fact that it’s setup a lot like how we used to see online poker communities. Innovative games, sweet promotions, great interactive communities, and no one has been able to emulate this better than DraftDay, draftday reviewin my opinion. DraftDay is the home of the $1million Perfect Lineup, $200k Big League Blast, $5 DraftDay Challenge, and they were the first to initiate a Jackpot type game. If you ask me, they didn’t just emulate the online poker idea, they made it better.


Don’t get me wrong; while the DraftDay founders do have some experience with the poker world, they are in it to win it as far as the daily fantasy sports industry is concerned. In just over a year, DraftDay has been able to take their $875,000 investment from Lightbank (backed by Groupon co-founders) and turned it into one of the best gaming sites in the fantasy industry.


DraftDay currently offers fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey games, and as mentioned, some of the best promotional games around. 

DraftDay’s scoring is fairly unique in that they make it so you are essentially never out of the game (unless you have a really bad day). Taking five points away for getting caught stealing, one point for every out made, .25 points for every missed field goal, free throw, and one point for every turnover allows for users to always be in the game.


Some sites don’t give you this luxury; once your team finishes and you’re in second place, you may never get to look down at the rest of your opponents. 

Fantasy Baseball Scoring


Single = 5 pt
Double = 10 pts
Triple = 15 pts
Home Run = 20 pts
Run = 5 pt
RBI = 5 pt
Walk = 5 pt
HBP = 5 pt
Stolen Base = 10 pts 
Caught Stealing = -5 pts 
Out = -1 pts*  Note – Defined by at-bats minus hits


Win = 10 pts
Loss = -5 pts
Earned Run = -3 pt
IP = 3 pts*
Strikeout (K) = 3 pts
Walk = -1 pts
Hit = -1 pts
HBP = -1 pts

* Fractional scoring per out.

Pitchers Bonus: 

Complete Game = 5 pts
Shut Out = 5 pts
No Hitter = 5 pts
Perfect Game = 5 pts

Fantasy Football Scoring


Pass TD = 6 pts
1 Pass Yard = 0.04 pts
Interception = -2 pts
1 Rush Yard = 0.1 pts
Rush TD = 6 pts
1 Receiving Yard = 0.1pts
Reception TD = 6 pts
Reception = 1pt
Return TD = 6 pts
2 pt Conversion = 2pts


Sack = 1 pt
Interception = 2 pts
Fumble Recovery = 2 pts
Touchdown = 6 pts
Safety = 2 pts
Blocked Kick = 2 pts
Kickoff/PR Touchdown = 6 pts
Points allowed -  0 = 10 pts
Points allowed - 1-6 = 7 pts
Points allowed - 7-13 = 4 pts
Points allowed - 14-20 = 1 pt
Points allowed - 21-27 = 0 pts
Points allowed - 28-34 = -1 pt
Points allowed - 35+ = -4 pts


Extra Point Made = 1 pt
Field Goal Made = 3 pts
FG Yards* = 0.1 pts

*Extra points awarded for FG over 30 yards

Fantasy Hockey Scoring


Shots on goal (SOG) = 0.5 pts
Goal (G) = 3 pts*
Assist (Ast) = 2 pts
Plus/Minus (+/-) = 0.5 pt
Penalty Minute (PM) = 0.25 pts
Power Play Point (PPP) = 0.5 pt
Shorthanded Point (SHP) = 0.5 pt
Blocked Shot (BLK) = 0.5 pt
Game Winning Goal (GWG) = 1 pt*


Wins (W) = 3 pts
Goals against (GA) = -1.5 pt
Save (S) = 0.3 pts
Shutout (SO) = 2 pts
* Shootout Goals do not count

Fantasy Basketball Scoring


Points (PTS) = 1 pt
3 Point Field Goal(3PT) = 1 pt
Missed Field Goal (MFG) = -0.25 pts
Missed Free Throw (MFT) = -0.25 pts
Assist (AST) = 1.5 pt
Rebound (REB) = 1.25 pt


Steal (STL) = 2 pts
Block (BLK) = 2 pts
Turnover (TO) = -1 pt

Fantasy Golf Scoring

Hole By Hole:

Par = 0.5 pts
Birdie = 4 pts
Eagle = 12 pts
Albatross = 30 pts

Round Bonuses:

Bogey Free Round = 6 pts
Par or Better All 4 Rounds = 10 pts
All 4 Rounds in 60s = 25 pts

Misc Bonus:

Hole In One = 20 pts
Birdie Streak (min 3 holes) = 3 pts per hole after number 3

Finish Bonuses:

1st Place = 30 pts
2nd Place = 25 pts
3rd Place = 20 pts
4th Place = 15 pts
5th Place = 14 pts
6th Place = 13 pt
7th Place = 12 pts
8th Place = 11 pts
9th Place = 10 pts
10th-15th Place = 8 pts
16th-25th = 6 pts 
26th-40th Place = 4 pts 
40th-60th Place = 2 pts

If you’re looking for big paydays and great bonuses DraftDay is certainly near the top of the list. Case and point, use the links provided on this page to receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $200. Also, every time you refer a friend you get the opportunity to take advantage of the “$5 DraftDay Challenge”. This challenge awards $5 to the winner of a head-to-head tournament between you and your friend. A very creative way to get your friends to the site and to earn some cheddar while doing so. Then, if your friend deposits, you get another $10 on top of that!


Now, DraftDay isn’t only about giving you a chance for free money, but they do give you a ton of opportunity to do so. The biggest promotion in the industry is offered on their site in the $1million Perfect Lineup. The game takes place during football season and is free to play. If you choose the highest scoring players for that week, at each position, you’re the big winner and the new owner of one million smackaroos.


One of the bigger promotions during the baseball season is their $200k Big League Blast. The first place prize in this 32-player single elimination bracket walks away with a cool $50k and you can get into the game for free! DraftDay awards two seats into the big game every single week and run daily qualifiers.


In case you’re wondering, yes, I did say bracket. DraftDay was also the first to offer a fantasy sports bracket contest where users play head-to-head single elimination contests until only one man (or woman) is left standing. Again, this is yet another reason why DraftDay has become one of the leaders in the industry.


As far as the more regular games that the site runs on a daily basis, you can get into a $27 game and play for your piece of a $3,000 prize pool, or go up to a $109 entry fee and play for a shot at $2,000 against a smaller league size.


DraftDay also offers the widest variety of games, for my money, during fantasy football season. Players can compete for authentic player jerseys of their choice, compete in huge prize pools, and play against celebrities. DraftDay truly is one of the most innovative sites to hit the industry thus far.


Their newest additions are the Rapid Fire and Rapid Fire Max games. In these game, you don’t play against other users, you play against the house! It’s legal though, so don’t worry about that. Remember, daily fantasy is a game of skill, and this game requires that you have the skill to figure out which players will outscore the others.


The only issues with DraftDay’s contest offerings are that they’ll get you to fall in love with a game and then make you wait for a few days, or even a week sometimes, to play it again. But hey, while the anticipation builds, so do the prizes. 


DraftDay allows players to deposit via PayPal, Credit and Debit Card, and Prepaid Credit and Gift Cards. They accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX credit cards.


Regarding the withdraw process, DraftDay is one of the most proficient at taking care of their customers. I would put DraftDay either first or second as far as their processing speed and getting you your winnings. It’s quite possible that you can request a payout at 10AM and receive it by 12PM the same day, if requesting payment via PayPal. 

Similar to other sites, DraftDay offers options to filter the game lobby to cater to your needs. I appreciate that they don’t crowd the screen with a million options and just give you the basic ones, while having an option for more filters, if you desire. They also allow you to create a game in any sport and offer a variety of entry fees and league sizes.


DraftDay fills their site with attention-grabbing graphics, easy to read text, and very easy to access rules and pages. Unlike other sites that take this approach, DraftDay keeps the interface clean and easy to navigate.


In the game lobby you’ll notice several creative contest titles. They do a great job of playing off current and former players’ names within each sport, as well as using pop culture to allow their players to relate to the games. You’ll find games like Strasburg Stretch, R.A. Pickey, El Hombre, Big Shot Bob, and Sons of Anarchy.


The mobile platform that DraftDay has created is easily one of the best to use, as well. They’ve made it super easy to navigate throughout the website; the only issue is that the mobile site is a bit slower than some of the other sites out there. 

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