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Fantasy Football and Sample Size: The Validity of

Todd describes his internal conundrum, comparing and contrasting advanced baseball and football analysis.

Fantasy Clones is HERE!

Todd officially announces the inaugural season of Fantasy Clones, a novel fantasy football league

The Real Fallacy of Value Based Drafting

What do Phoebe Cates and cheap beer have to do with proper drafting? Todd explains.

Fantasy Halvsies: Are Two Heads Better than One?

A silly idea or the next big thing? Todd introduces an intriguing variation on fantasy football.

Let's Talk About Me

Todd lets his guard down and talks about writing for a living

Fantasy Alarm Daily Projections Points Tool

Todd Zola outlines the projection process that fuels the Fantasy Alarm points projection tool

Controlling an Auction

Lord Zola concludes his trilogy with a rant on overspending and a means to avoid it.

Dissecting an Auction

In the second installment of his series on auction dynamics, Lord Zola breaks down the prices from three recent NFBC auctions

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!

Lord Zola begins a three-part series on auction dynamics

Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

Todd reminisces about the good old days.

Is Bryce Harper a First Rounder?

Lord Zola analyzes Bryce Harper and arrives at a surprising conclusion

Why I'd Draft Mark Trumbo before Jay Bruce

Todd questions his rankings on a couple of power-hitting outfielders.

Waiting for the Lead Domino to Fall

Lord Zola compares fantasy to real baseball and discusses how that is holding up some impending moves

Free Agent Leftovers

Lord Zola surveys what's left in free agency and possible destinations.

Winter Meeting Wrap-Up

Lord Zola discusses the moves from Orlando