Latest Articles - DFS Strategy

In Kluber we Trust

Todd breaks down the pitching for Day 3 of a Survivor Tourney

Trust the Process, Don't Judge the Results

Todd reviews last nights foray into a survivor tourney and discusses how he plans to keep his winning tickets alive

Acing a Survivor Tournament

Todd discusses his strategy for a 4-day survivor tourney

wOBA, wRC+ and luck

Todd takes a look at luck with wOBA and wRC+ in an effort to improve the Projection and Pricing Tool

Ace Pitching in GPP Tournaments

Todd eschews conventional wisdom and recommends using ace pitchers in large-entry contests

Cash Game Anchors: The Rule of 13

Todd introduces the Rule of 13, a quick filter to help select a cash game pitcher

How To Use The DFS Playbook

A detailed explanation of how to use the DFS Playbook on Fantasy Alarm and win in daily fantasy sports

Fantasy World Cup Soccer On StatClash

Fantasy World Cup Soccer On StatClash

Projections and Pricing Tool

Todd updates the projection data and discusses how to use the Projection and Pricing Tool

Lineup Stacking: An Explanation and an Experiment

Todd discusses the common tactic of lineup stacking and has an idea how to make it more effective

Handedness and Fantasy Points: A Case Study

Todd takes a look how match-up handedness alter projected fantasy points

How many points is home field advantage worth?

Todd uses the Projection and Pricing Tool to investigate home field advantage and fantasy points

Pitching and Home Field Advantage

Todd takes a look at a pitcher's skills at home and on the road

Home versus Away

Todd unveils the advantage of playing at home compared to on the road

Adjusting with Handedness: Use and Misuse

Todd shows how handedness with batter versus pitcher match-ups can be used to help set your daily lineup.