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Daily Trends: September 26th

For the final time in 2014 Ray Flowers will break down the daily matchups for you in his Daily Trends piece.

Daily Trends: September 25th

Ray Flowers reviews the game action from Wednesday while prepping you for the game play Thursday in his Daily Trends piece.

Daily Trends: September 24th

Ray Flowers breaks down the matchups for Wednesday the 24th while also hitting on the need to know data from game action Tuesday.

Daily Trends: September 23rd

Ray Flowers continues what has become his M.O. - he will review the matchups for Wednesday the 23rd while discussing what occurred the night before – Monday the 22nd.

Daily Trends: September 22

It's the last week of the season, so let's start it off right looking at Monday matchups and what happened over the weekend.

Daily Trends: September 19th

Friday's matchups exposed by Ray Flowers. He will also give an overview of the relevant data from game action on Thursday as the home stretch has been entered in fantasy baseball.

Daily Trends: September 18th

Ray Flowers reviews the matchups for Thursday and takes a look at game action from Wednesday night as well.

Daily Trends: September 17th

Ray Flowers talks Wednesday matchups as well as detailing what you need to know based on game action from Tuesday.

Daily Trends: September 16

Ray Flowers breaks down the Tuesday matchups while also delving in to other aspects of the game of fantasy baseball. What do you need to know the last two weeks of the season? He has answers.

Daily Trends: September 15th

In Monday's Daily Trends piece Ray Flowers will touch on BVP data, but unlike previous entries in this series he will look at so much more.

Daily Trends: September 12th

Ray Flowers helps to wind up yet another week of the MLB season by taking a look at the BVP matchups for Friday, September 12th.

Daily Trends: September 11th

Another day, another stupendous matchup piece for the one and only Ray Flowers.

Daily Trends: September 10th

We're coming down the stretch in fantasy baseball and every decision matters. Let Ray Flowers help you to set your lineup for Wednesday, September 10th.

Daily Trends: September 9th

Ray Flowers looks at the batter and pitcher matchups for September 9th. What do you need to know before setting your lineups?

Daily Trends: September 5th

The games continue to be played. You continue to want to win. We continue to want to help. Here is the matchup report for Friday the 5th of September.