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Around The Horn: November 27, 2014 (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Lester still searching for a home. Tomas signs with D'backs. Rollins have anything left? Ray Flowers 11 Thu

Live Advice: Talk To The Experts, November 28st

Ray Flowers and Jeff Mans are ready to answer all your fantasy sports questions Friday, November 28st, at 2 PM EDT. It's fun and free.
  • Posted On Thursday, 27 Nov

Around The Horn: November 25, 2014 (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Ray Flowers talks Sandoval/HanRam to Boston, what to expect from LaRoche in Chicago, if Headley is anyone's answer at third, if Tulo will be dealt and the move of Nicasio to the Dodgers.
  • Posted On Tuesday, 25 Nov

Around The Horn: November 24, 2014 (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Looks like the Red Sox have signed both Hanley and Pablo while the Mariners are extending Seager. My take on all the big $ being thrown around and the HOF vote follows.
  • Posted On Monday, 24 Nov

Around The Horn: November 21, 2014 (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Ray Flowers discusses Max Scherzer, Justin Upton and Jay Bruce before breaking down Ike Davis, Pedro Alvarez and Joel Peralta.
  • Posted On Friday, 21 Nov


About Ray Flowers

The co-host of The Drive on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (Sirius 210, XM 87: Mon-Thurs 7 PM, Fri. 9 PM EDT), Ray also hosts a show Sunday night (7-10 PM EDT). Ray has spent years squirreled away studying the inner workings of the fantasy game to the detriment of his personal life. Specializing in baseball, football and hockey, some consider him an expert in all three.

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