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Off For The Week

Ray Flowers will be in Hawaii for the next week working on his savage tan, but he's got some parting thoughts to share before he starts sucking down Blue Hawaiian's. Ray Flowers 07 Sun

Oracle Report: Musings And Thoughts

Ray Flowers wanted to hit on a few things before he went away for his week long trip to Hawaii.
  • Posted On Sunday, 20 Jul

The Oracle Takes On DraftKings

It's Friday, so Ray Flowers is continuing to try an expand his daily games knowledge by taking you on in a contest courtesy of DraftKings.com.
  • Posted On Friday, 18 Jul

Live Advice: Talk To The Experts

You have a question, we have the answer. Sign up, for FREE, to talk directly to our experts – Ray and Jeff – Friday, July 11th, at 2 PM EDT.
  • Posted On Thursday, 17 Jul

Daily Trends: July 18th

Games are live, finally. Was that the longest break of your life or what? Ray Flowers profiles the matchups for Friday, July 18th.
  • Posted On Thursday, 17 Jul


About Ray Flowers

The co-host of The Drive on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (Sirius 210, XM 87: Mon-Fri 7-10 PM EDT), Ray also hosts his own show Sunday night (7-10 PM EDT). Ray has spent years squirreled away studying the inner workings of the fantasy game to the detriment of his personal life. Specializing in baseball, football and hockey, some consider him an expert in all three.

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BaseballGuys on Twitter

Ray Flowers9:50 PM Jul 20th

I'm off to Hawaii. July 21-28 I will be working on my savage tan. Won't be on twitter much. For more see - http://t.co/5EVEyLJxm9

Ray Flowersabout 19 hours ago

View from my room on Oahu... http://t.co/cZgzjPQecj

Ray Flowersabout 14 hours ago

Another view from room. #HawaiiLife http://t.co/ZV1E6TCCky

Ray Flowersabout 5 hours ago

The ocean is close http://t.co/zhzjYjXSzs

Ray Flowersabout 4 hours ago

Answering emails... http://t.co/ReDcDo8cKT