Rick Wolf

Rick Wolf is a leader in the fantasy sports industry. Wolf is a founding Board Member and one of only fifteen FSTA Hall of Famers including Bill James, Ron Shandler, Glenn Colton and Matthew Berry. Wolf is the Co-Host of Colton & The Wolfman every week on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.  With college friend, Glenn Colton, he has won three LABR Expert baseball titles and four FSTA Expert football titles. Twitter: @RickWolf1


  • 21 Apr, 2014

Fantasy Sports Business: Not Always A Field Of Dreams

The landscape of the fantasy sports industry is changing, how will you adjust?

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  • 14 Apr, 2014

Fantasy Sports Business: Wanna Be A Rock Star In Fantasy Sports?

Wolf talks about what things you can do to break in the fantasy sports industry

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  • 07 Apr, 2014

Planet Of The Apes: Early Surprise Hitters

Are these players evolving or are you in the forbidden zone?

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  • 29 Mar, 2014

Real Genius: When The Deck Is Stacked In Your Favor

Roto Derby guaranteed their prizes making it easier to win more.

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  • 17 Mar, 2014

White Men Can’t Jump: Playing Your Bracket With Players

College Choose ‘Em Challenge: Fantasy sports’ hidden gem for the most popular event

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  • 11 Mar, 2014

The Empire Strikes Back: Crazy LABR NL Draft And Strategy

Colton & The Wolfman make first "in-draft" adjustment in over twenty drafts in LABR

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  • 07 Mar, 2014

LABR AL: The Rebel Alliance Defeats The Evil Empire

Breaking down LABR AL strategy - Luke, Hans and Leia destroy the Death Star

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  • 24 Feb, 2014

Fan Vs Machine: Beating The Terminator

Exclusive Fantasy Alarm SKYLLZONE Tournament with $1000 Prize Pool

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