Rick Wolf

Rick Wolf is a leader in the fantasy sports industry. Wolf is a founding Board Member and one of only fifteen FSTA Hall of Famers including Bill James, Ron Shandler, Glenn Colton and Matthew Berry. Wolf is the Co-Host of Colton & The Wolfman every week on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.  With college friend, Glenn Colton, he has won three LABR Expert baseball titles and four FSTA Expert football titles. Twitter: @RickWolf1


  • 21 Jul, 2014

Becoming Top Gun: Playing SMART In Fantasy Football

The SMART System for fantasy football. Rick Wolf & Glenn Colton used this system to win four FSTA titles.

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  • 14 Jul, 2014

About Last Night: Lost Souls Not Ready To Commit

Can Gronkowski, Manziel and others commit to football over having fun?

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  • 08 Jul, 2014

The Wrath Of Kahn: Finding DEEP Sleepers In Fantasy Football

Rick Wolf takes a look at five super deep sleepers & comedians who make fun of Bill Shatner

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  • 30 Jun, 2014

St. Elmo’s Fire: Dealing With Life After College

St. Elmo's Fire: Analyzing Some NFL Rookies for 2014

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  • 09 Jun, 2014

Back To The Future: Predicting The Performance Of The Prospects

Great Scott, will the recent call-ups dominate?

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  • 02 Jun, 2014

A Few Good Men: Targeting Red Hot Hitters

Players who hit leading up to June 1st, hit all season.

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  • 27 May, 2014

Se7en: Seven Deadly Sinners In Fantasy Baseball

A fun look at players who have hurt you in different ways this fantasy baseball season

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  • 19 May, 2014

Talladega Nights' Strategies: If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

What strategies should you employ based on where you are in the standings?

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Hey @glenncolton1 @thereallisaann took your #cowboy RB. Playing SMART. @RobertWuhl just took WR instead of RB on @siriusxmfantasy #funstuff

https://twitter.com/RickWolf1 14 seconds ago

@baseballin77 Feel bad - I missed it on the caller system. Not Drew's fault. I would not waste a move there. Glenn likes Kemp best. Huh.

https://twitter.com/RickWolf1 about 17 hours ago

@baseballin77 1-888-XMFANTASY 1-888-963-2682 - starting in 5 minutes - have some fun with us.

https://twitter.com/RickWolf1 about 17 hours ago

@baseballin77 Call into the show starting in 8 minutes and we will answer on the air ;-) Dickerson, JD, Kemp, Pollock for me.

https://twitter.com/RickWolf1 about 17 hours ago

@stevegardner To quote Britneyn - Oooops I did it again.

https://twitter.com/RickWolf1 about 18 hours ago