After a bit of organization and internal shuffling, we’re back with the third installment of our new regular feature Category Impact. If you recall, twice a week (now every Sunday and Thursday), I’ll grace you with some words of wisdom with the intent to highlight players on the verge of contributing short or long term in a variety of categories. The main focus will be the standard ten roto stats but we’ll venture into the realm of holds and some other non-standard stats.

Initially, we’ll do a survey of all the categories, picking one or two out a time. It’s a little early to use current performance to predict what will happen down the line so while we let the sample grow, we’ll detail some of the analytic means used to evaluate each category along with some of the short-term means to identify players that could help you in the next couple of days. Note the new posting of the column coincides with when the majority of series start so we can best use venue in our analysis.


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