Corey Hart (1B/OF-SEA)

Corey Hart signed a one year/$5M contract with the Seattle Mariners after missing the entire 2013 season with a knee injury. Hart is looking to re-establish his value and cash in on a multi-year contract, so you can expect he will be motivated to showcase his undeniable power. Remember, he averaged just fewer than 30 homeruns per season between 2010-2012. Hart is no longer a threat to steal bases like he was earlier in his career as he hasn’t reached double digits in steals since 2009. 

Early reports from Hart and the Mariners have been positive as he has been able to run and take ground balls at first base. It is expected that Hart will also see some time in the outfield to keep his bat in the lineup and allow playing time for several others such as Logan Morrison and Justin Smoak. This bodes well for fantasy GM's who will benefit from his eventual eligibility at multiple positions.

If you enjoy wearing sunglasses at night, then Corey Hart is a low-risk source of power for later rounds in your draft. Despite the spacious dimensions of Safeco Field, Hart should produce 20-25 homeruns hitting in an improved Mariners’ lineup and with the financial incentive to cash in on a multi-year deal during the next off-season.


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