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Sports Tradex’s mission is to provide entertaining, skill-based competitions that allow their users to make predictions about real-world events and fantasy sports.

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Sports Tradex’s mission is to provide entertaining, skill-based competitions that allow their users to make predictions about real-world events and fantasy sports.

Sports Tradex's real-world contests are 100% free competitions that give users a method to win prizes without taking any financial risks. The data from these contests give great insights into the real-world probability of an event happening. They also serve as great training grounds for users that wish to enter other fantasy competitions on the site.

Their fantasy contests are a new method for competing in fantasy sports. Unlike their competitors, the competitions are 100% player-based. This approach allows a contestant to showcase his or her skill best in comparison to other daily fantasy sports sites where a contestant must contend with the site’s athlete valuation algorithm.

With Sports TradeX,  there are plenty of different games you can play on the site including the Pick'em Contests where you get the choose from 10 3 on 3 match-ups and the owner with the most wins takes home the prize.  The other twist is that you only have to pick your favorite 7 of the 10 so you can avoid the ones you are unsure of.  I will take a look at a few of the match-ups for Week 16 and is always entertaining to see the team names as they are done with a little creativity.

You will also want to be sure to check out their $10,000 contest that runs the week of the NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend.



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Decker the Halls vs. 50 Shades of McCoy

Decker the Halls features Bobby Rainey, Eric Decker and Tony Romo while 50 Shades of McCoy features LeSean McCoy, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Vincent Jackson.  I prefer to breakdown each player head to head to figure which side is best choice.  I will take McCoy over Rainey in a landslide as this a dream match-up for McCoy against the Bears putrid run defense.  I think Decker is a decent play but think his value is being over blown thanks to that 4 TD game a few weeks ago while Vincent Jackson has become under-appreciated as he is still the clear cut option for Glennon.  Decker vs. Jackson is a tough one to predict as both are capable of decent games but I lean Jackson.  Romo does get a clear nod over Fitzpatrick but not enough to make up for the monster game McCoy should have.  McCoy will lead his team to victory in this contest.

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Peyton Parade vs. Luck Dynasty

Peyton Parade features Peyton Manning, Ryan Mathews and Torrey Smith vs. the Luck Dynasty team of Andrew Luck, DeMarco Murray and Rueben Randle.  Manning has a good shot at setting an NFL record this week as he needs 4 TD's to break Tom Brady's single season record while Andrew Luck has been very inconsistent without Reggie Wayne so it is clear who the better play is of those two without a doubt.  Mathews has been a pleasant surprise so far but hard to trust him more than Murray with his history of leaving games early. I just feel an injury coming after he has racked up 58 carries the last two weeks which could help the Luck Dynasty side.  Smith has struggled lately but some would say he is due and it is hard to like any Giants with the way they have been playing so I want nothing to do with Randle.  Manning is reason enough to go with the Peyton Parade in this match-up.

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Defend the Forte vs. Witten Litter

Defend the Forte features Antonio Brown, Greg Olsen and Matt Forte vs. the Witten Litter team of Andre Brown, Demaryius Thomas, Jason Witten.  Brown vs. Thomas could be as even as it comes with how consistent Brown has been lately though Thomas is capable of some monster games at any point.  With Olsen vs. Witten,  this is very close as well as both are not quite elite tight ends this year but have been consistent for the most part throughout the season.  The biggest difference in this contest is Forte going up against Brown.  The Giants are a complete disaster while Forte has been a Top 5 RB week in and week out.  Defend the Forte should take this one down comfortably led by their namesake.


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