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Daily Fantasy Picks : FanDuel Picks Week 15

Daily Fantasy Picks

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Cam Newton $9,300 - has a great match-up vs. the Jets who do a good job of stopping the run so Cam will have to throw.

Matt Stafford $9,300 - off-week against the Eagles should bounce back huge against Baltimore.

Nick Foles $9,200 - not a big Foles fan but hard not to like a guy going against the Vikings.

Tony Romo $8,600 - the Packers have one the worst defenses around.

Matt Ryan $7,500 - the Redskins have awful and seem to have quit.  Ryan has been getting more chemistry with Roddy White.

Chad Henne $5.900 - risky play but the Buffalo pass defense has some holes.



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Jamaal Charles $10,300 - every week play if you can fit him into your budget.

DeMarco Murray $8,000 - gets the weak Green Bay defense.

Shane Vereen $7.600 - with the cloudy picture of the other running backs he is the focal point.

Eddie Lacy  $7,200 - health is questionable but could provide a very good return.

Ben Tate $6,800 - risky play but the Colts have run defense issues.

Steven Jackson $6,300 - finally looks in shape and gets the Redskins this week.

Fred Jackson $5.900 - quietly productive every week.

Chris Ogbonnaya $4,500 - could be a steal against the worst run defense in the league.


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Wide Receivers

Calvin Johnson $9,900 - subpar game in the snow means a big Monday Night.

Dez Bryant $8,700 - holding his own on the touchdowns but should be due for a big yardage game.

A.J. Green $8,600 - another start do for a big game.

Antonio Brown $8,000 - very involved in every gameplan every week.

DeSean Jackson $6,900 - get the very burnable Vikings secondary.

Torrey Smith $6,000 - has been really disappointing but should come through vs. the Lions

Riley Cooper $5,800 - see Desean plus even cheaper.

Julian Edelman $5,500 - #1 target for Brady with Gronk out.

Golden Tate $5,000 - Giants are easier to throw on that run on.




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Tight Ends

Jimmy Graham $8,200 - clear cut #1 every week with Gronk out.

Vernon Davis $6,100 - TD Machine and can only get better if he can increase those yardage totals.

Dennis Pitta $5,700- my TE list is short this week mainly because I plan to use him in almost every line-up I have.

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Dan Bailey - the cheapest price on the board for a kicker indoors against a bad defense.

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Seattle Seahawks $5,700 - normally never pay for a defense but the Giants are too bad to not go against.


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