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Daily NFL Picks : FanDuel Week 13

FanDuel Week 13 Picks

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Cam Newton $8,600 - has been nearly unstoppable for the few weeks and still not a top priced QB.

Andy Dalton $7,600 - can be very erractic at times but San Diego has some issues in the secondary so could have a big game.

Ryan Tannehill $7,300 - another risk play but Miami can't run the ball right now so he has to throw a bunch.

E.J. Manuel $6,300 - Atlanta has been awful on defense so a possible bust-out performance.

Josh McCown $6,100 - The others are possibilities but I will find it hard to use any one else with him still dirt cheap.

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Jamaal Charles $9,600 - has been great all year even if he has left some points out there as well.

Adrian Peterson $9,100 - despite the price he might be the play of the year against the awful Bears run defense.

Matt Forte $8,700 - another great play against one of the worst defenses in the league.

Alfred Morris $7,200 -  RG3 has been a disaster lately and he should be the focal point of the offense

Andre Brown $7,100 - if Brown can find the endzone it will be a great as the yards will be there.

Shane Vareen $6,200 - the only runningback on the team that the coaches seem to trust.

CJ Spiller $5,700 - have a feeling he finally shows us why he was a first round pick in season long leagues this year.



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Wide Receivers

A.J. Green $8,800 - should light up a bad secondary in SD and maybe forgotten about others coming off a bye week.

Wes Welker $7,400 - going back to well once again as he is due for a big game.

Harry Douglas $6,800 - the only player who really seems to still care on Atlanta.

Keenan Allen $6,500 - Rivers finally found that connection with him after a couple of off weeks.

T.Y. Hilton $6,300 - has been disappointing lately but could have a massive week at anytime.

Alshon Jeffrey $6,200 - was quiet last week but gets another great match-up this week.

Kendall Wright $6,000-  still a great price but will likely be heavily played.

Stevie Johnson $5,200 - returns from injury at a cheap price and has good connection with Manuel.

Cordarrelle Patterson $4,500 - minimum price who has been a lot more involved the last few weeks.



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Tight Ends

Jimmy Graham $8,200 - usually will use Graham or Gronkowski every time and this week I like Graham.

Julius Thomas $6,800 - should return for injury and has become more important lately than Welker and Decker.

Vernon Davis $6,100 - wont have a massive game but scores almost every time they play at home.

Jordan Cameron $5,700 - with Weeden back at QB, he should more involved this week.

Jordan Reed $5,500 - returning from concussion and RG3 needs whatever help he can get.

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Defense/Special Teams

Minnesota Vikings - I don't ever pay for a D/ST so they are the best cheap play with their ability to rush the QB.

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Robbie Gould - another spot I never pay for and Gould is still a great play as he is the most underrated kicker in the NFL along getting to kick in a dome this week.


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