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NFL Playoffs are here! While many fantasy football seasons ended weeks ago, Sports Tradex fantasy ramps up with NFL Playoff fantasy games!  Visit Sports Tradex to participate in their $10,000 tournament where the top 25 players all win $400 each.

Pick the team you expect to win in pre-set  fantasy matchups like the one above. You will make seven of these types of picks in the $10,000 fantasy contest. The Sports Tradex user that make the most correct picks wins!

In this tournament, simply place in the top 25 to walk away with $400 cash. You may enter this tournament up to 10 times, meaning you could win up to $4,000. This tournament is limited to 100 players so enter before it is too late!

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Play against Fantasy Alarm gurus Jeff Mans and myself.  Beat all of their entries for the extra incentive of an additional $20 SportsTradex credit!   NFL Playoffs are fun to watch, but they're even more fun when you're making money!

Here are a few of my selections for this weekend's $10,000 Quadruple Up.

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Prom Night @ T.Y. Hilton vs. Graham Crackers

The team of T.Y. Hilton & Danny Amendola take on Anquan Boldin & Jimmy Graham in a match-up that appears to be a close one at first glance. Hilton will be shut down this week as the Patriots are all about taking away the other team's most dangerous weapon.  This has been a Bill Belichick staple throughout his coaching career.  Amendola has become an afterthought in the Patriots offense despite his big off-season contract so I don't see him as able to do much.  On the otherside Boldin had a off-week against Green Bay but is due for a bounce back week as he is still Colin Kaepernick's go-to guy .  We know that Jimmy Graham has not been a monster in the second half of the season but still is a regular in the endzone almost every week.  This match-up is really interesting in that the opposing defenses would seem to favor the Hilton/Amendola side but looking beyond the basics will show that Boldin/Graham have the advantage.

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Enjoying the Brees vs Peyton Parade

Drew Brees & Michael Crabtree take on Peyton Manning & Donald Brown in what is probably the most obvious selection of the 10 possible selections for my money.  Brees will have his hands full with the Seattle Defense that caused him a ton of problems in the regular season and Michael Crabtree still is a shell of his former self coming back from his achilles injury.  Crabtree has only been able to get going against the worst defenses and will really struggle against a tough Carolina D.  Peyton Manning however should light up the San Diego secondary which might be enough on his own to win this match-up.  Donald Brown is a wild card as who knows how bad the Colts coaching will be during this game.  He seeems to be continously under utilitzed in their offense despite far outproducing Trent Richardson but as I mentioned before I think anything he does is just an added bonus.  I love the Manning/Brown combo this week.


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