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We move onto the night games with Clayton Kershaw leading the way which makes for some very interesting line-up decisions.  Do you pay for the best pitcher in the game or fade him hoping he does not have a monster game.  While on analyzing my roster on Draftkings, you can use Kershaw but have to use Matt Shoemaker along side him.  You can't afford any hitters if you try to use Julio Teheran or Madison Bumgarner.  There is not much value with the hitters tonight and everyone is going to after the Braves hitters tonight.  I will once again recommend not put too much on the line tonight with the lack options.

There is some risk with weather as it relates to the Cubs/Giants game.  It should be able to be played with some patience as long as the field holds up with a pounding of rain the area has taken the last 12 hours.  We remember the fiasco from the other night and the drainage at Wrigley Field is one of the worst in the league.  Good Luck!

The Daily Fantasy Playbook for August 21st Night Days:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Clayton Kershaw P 14400 12000 7800
  Madison Bumgarner P 9500 9200 6950
  Julio Teheran P 8600 8500 6550
  Matt Shoemaker P 7300 7400 5650
  Evan Gattis C 3800 2900 4700
  Buster Posey (Q) C 4100 3000 5000
  Brayan Pena C/1B 2600 2200 4200
  Michael Morse 1B/OF 4400 2500 4750
  Tommy Medica 1B/OF 2800 3300 4500
  Adrian Gonzalez 1B 4000 3700 5350
  Dee Gordon 2B/SS 4500 2900 5000
  Joe Panik 2B/SS 3000 2600 3500
  Philip Gosselin 2B 2500 2400 3500
  Brandon Crawford SS 3000 2200 4400
  Chris Johnson 3B/1B 3700 2500 4550
  Pablo Sandoval 3B 4100 3000 5100
  Daniel Nava OF 3700 2400  
  Kole Calhoun OF 5100 3600 4850
  Justin Upton OF 5200 4000 5350
  Angel Pagan OF 3900 2600 4850
  Justin Ruggiano OF 3200 2700 4350
  Billy Hamilton OF/SS 4500 3400  


It is an extremely light day in baseball so you have a special edition of the DFS playbook for the afternoon games and will have a night time version as well.  There a three really good options in Corey Kluber, Alex Cobb and David Price going today but affording the hitters becomes a problem.  I have listed plenty of value plays in the hitter sections to help afford these starters.  If you must go cheap on a pitcher, I would go Dallas Keuchel but not very confident in that play.  On a day when there is only 4 games, I don't recommend playing to heavy in this type of enviroment but I know we can't resist dabbling in it.


Here is the lineup I am using on Draftkings:

P Alex Cobb, P Corey Kluber, C Francisco Cervelli, 1B V Martinez, 2B Anthony Rendon, 3B Carlos Sananta, SS Zach Walters, OF Ichiro Suzuki, OF Robbie Grossman, OF Jayson Werth


P Alex Cobb, C Victor Martinez 1B Carlos Santana, 2B Anthony Rendon, SS Ian Desmond, 3B Martin Prado, OF Robbie Grossman, OF Mark Trumbo, OF Ichiro Suzuki


***Both of these lineups are only entered in tournaments only.


The Daily Fantasy Playbook for the afternoon games for August 21st:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Jason Castro -SCRATCHED** C 4000 3100 4650
  Francisco Cervelli C 3200 2500 4000
  Victor Martinez 1B/C 4300 4100 5450
  Carlos Santana C/1B/3B 4100 3900 5000
  Anthony Rendon 2B/3B 4400 3800 4850
  Sean Rodriguez SS/2B/OF 2800 2400 4600
  Kevin Frandsen 2B/3B 2000 2300 3850
  Ian Desmond- SCRATCHED** SS 4300 3700 4850
  Zach Walters SS/3B 2100 2200 3500
  Martin Prado 2B/3B 3500 2700 4800
  Marwin Gonzalez SS/3B 3000 2200 4150
  Ichiro Suzuki OF 2600 2300 4250
  Dexter Fowler OF 4600 3400 4750
  Robbie Grossman OF 4100 2900 4250
  Oswaldo Arcia OF 3900 3600 4400
  Jayson Werth OF 4000 3500 4750
  Mark Trumbo 1B/OF 4000 3300 4850
  Corey Kluber P 11400 10700 6900
  Alex Cobb P 9600 8300 6600
  David Price P 12400 11200 7100



Switched Panik out for B. Crawford


Kershaw, Bum, B. Pena, Gosselin, Panik, A. Craig, C. Johnson Nava, Pagan, Ruggianno, was the best I could do on DK


Ted-do you recommend a Kershaw/Teheran lineup on DK or Kershaw/Shoemaker? Thanks!

Ted Schuster 

We will have fan forum on the site in the near future as well so be on the look out.


thanks ted. Thats why you make the big bucks!!! keep up the good work!!

Ted Schuster 

Using Kershaw on Fanduel with relative ease...trying to put together a bumgarner and kershaw lineup on dk but having some issues finding playable bats

Ted Schuster 

Rain should be done for tonight in Chicago.

Ted Schuster 

The Cubs/Giants will be good to go!!! Finishing the suspended game 1 at 6 cst. This is the last trip for SF to Chicago so they will make every effort to finish it. Criag is not awful just dont like using guys back from DL.


CHCvsSF is currently in a rain delay right now! (for the make up game)


good question alan and jack. im wondering the same thing. meteorologist schuster what is your final thought on it??


So the weather looks kinda bad at Wrigley. Fade?


Based on weather reports as of now, do you think they'll get 1 1/2 games completed tonite in Wrigley?


Any thoughts on actual DK and FD lineups for tonite like you did for the day slate?


Do you like Craig as a value play??

Ted Schuster 

I am a skimmer myself so don't blame you.


I just read the intro... haha. I bet you were thinking, "those idiots, they just skip right over all the intro."

Hugo Hugasian 

Please do. I lost so much $$$ 2 days ago.

Ted Schuster 

yes will do.


Will you do an evening slate as well?

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@JFLBoss probably will but it shouldnt.

@RichHurtz5007 @FantasyAlarm Quick or Mathews. I would go Mathews personally.

@DL808AllDay would tend to believe that in any venue but Seattle. The calls consistently go for the home team. Example the offsides earlier

Someone tell Harbaugh it is time to start Hyde over Gore! He did it with Kaepernick over Smith and needs to realize who makes them better.