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And so here it is. The day that we have been waiting for ever since qualifying for the DFBC two months ago has finally arrived. Without sounding too dramatic here, everything we have done this season has built to this moment. As I write this Ted and I are stored away in a Las Vegas hotel room running every possible scenario we possibly can in order to get the perfect lineup in tonigh's million dollar contest. 

So we are posting this Playbook today under a lot of pressure and excitement as we try and prove that what we do here is the best formula in the world. It is great to be here, but it will be even better to win. 

So best of luck to all of you in your contests today. Despite all that Ted and I are playing for today it still remains our #1 priority in making sure every single one of you win your contests tonight. 

We did have some technical issues so the players are not listed with salaries tonight so sorry about that.

Here is the DFS Playbook for Saturday August 16th:

P Clayton Kershaw

P David Price

P Matt Shoemaker

P Felix Hernandez

C Devin Mesoraco

C Dioner Navarro

C/1B Brayan Pena

1B Albert Pujols

1B Justin Morneau

1B Lucas Duda

2B Daniel Murphy

2B/3B Anthony Rendon

2B Dustin Pedroia

3B Adrian Beltre

3B Mike Moustakas

3B Danny Valencia

SS Cliff Pennington

SS Alcides Escobar

SS Ian Desmond

OF Ginacarlo Stanton

OF Kole Calhoun

OF Marcell Ozuna

OF Jose Bautista

OF Ezequiel Carrera

OF Ender Inciarte

OF Mark Trumbo


We may add to the outfielders still but wanted to get something up for you guys.  Good Luck!!!





Ted Schuster 

Thanks for the kind words. Live to fight another day!

Hugo Hugasian 

You guys are literally the best in the business. The only reason you didn't take it was because of a shitty situation. Keep your heads and move forward. Make more money through the other tourneys. Plus your going to the mansion. That no minor feat.

Joey Ligs 

I'm amazed at how the playbook came through again, despite the Coors Field fiasco. Even after burning my C and 1B positions on Mesoraco and Morneau, I was still able to cash in my two 50/50s on DK. Finished 74th out of 160 and 91st out of 220. Thanks again for all of the help. Sorry the $1M didn't come your way tonight, but there are still some big pots of gold waiting at the end of the DFS rainbow.


Of all days to have a game postponed....brutal.

Water Main Break 


The Fantasy Millionaires 

NO!!!! Sorry about Morneau jeff & Ted. Shit sucks, but at least you will have a hell of a time.

Sean Cedar 

Maybe it was a little earlier than that, but my lineup site didn't post it until then....damn damn damn. Tried to rush and get Pujols in, but the games went live.

Sean Cedar 

They switched Morneau out at 7:05!!!

Brandon Hughey 

I don't know shit about baseball but I believe in you guys so much I took the plunge. Good luck tonight guys!!

Michael Naidus 

If hard work and brains pay off, you guys should end the night millionaires. Best of luck.

The Fantasy Millionaires 

I don't know if you will read this before submitting your lineup, but don't stress about it. I was in your position last year and ended up changing my lineup last minute. It ended up costing me $200,000! Go with your gut. You guys got this! Oh, and please bring it to the likes of Ganondorf and Kotex Warrior and all the other fantasy "experts" with their 100+ entires. Bring home that Million guys!

Hugo Hugasian 

Jeff and Ted, I want to wish u all the best of luck tonight. Let's be honest here, you guys do r need luck. Your formula is the best in the business. Go knock em dead and become MILLIONAIRES.


Good Luck to you guys and thank you for all of your content. =)

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