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In today's DFS Playbook we are ignoring the three early games in order to focus on a big Saturday night slate across MLB. The return of the Playbook yesterday produced positive results pretty much across the board and spectacular ones if you paid for the likes of Giancarlo Stanton, Robinson Cano and Jose Abreu. But pitching let us down a bit with Bartolo Colon losing his cool in the fifth inning and thus removing himself from what would have been an easy win against the lowly Padres.  Max Schrezer and the Tigers/Indians game is not available on Draftkings tonight which takes away nice pitching option.  There is some weather to watch in Atlanta so keep an eye on fantasyalarm.com for weather update.


***Update : Alexei Ramirez hitting 2nd makes a better play on Fanduel at $2800 than Jody Mercer hitting 8th.  Joe Panik makes a nice punt option at 2K as a SS on Draftkings.  Moises Sierra is also not in the lineup tonight for the White Sox.  Jared Dyson and Junior Lake could make other cheap OF options that maybe needed to fit in the big name pitchers in your lineup.


But let's look ahead shall we? For more information on how to use the DFS Playbook or how to form your own general DFS strategy, check out our DFS Strategies section of the Fantasy Alarm website.

Here is the DFS Playbook for Saturday July 19th:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings Aces
Tyson Ross P 7,400 9,000 6,550
David Price P 10,700 12,200 6,950
Felix Hernandez P 11,300 12,500 7,600
Max Scherzer P 10,600 N/A 7,000
Derek Norris C 3,100 3,600 4,700
Jason Castro C 2,900 4,200 4,650
Victor Martinez C/1B 4,600 N/A 5,700
Paul Goldschmidt 1B 5,100 5,700 5,750
Gaby Sanchez 1B 3,000 2,300 4,200
Nate Freiman 1B 2,700 2,000 3,500
Chase Utley 2B 3,800 4,600 5,100
Gordon Beckham 2B 2,500 3,600 4,400
Brian Dozier 2B/SS 3,000 4,500 4,850
Jordy Mercer SS 2,900 3,000 4,100
Josh Donaldson 3B 3,300 4,500 4,900
Evan Longoria 3B 3,400 4,600 4,850
Matt Dominguez 3B 2,200 3,500 4,350
Mike Olt 3B 2,500 3,300 4,400
Carlos Gonzalez OF 3,700 4,600 5,400
George Springer OF 4,200 4,500 4,800
Jonny Gomes OF 2,200 3,200 4,250
Mark Trumbo OF 3,700 4,200 4,850
Justin Ruggiano OF 3,200 4,100 4,350
Moises Sierra OF 2,300 2,300 3,800


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Ted Schuster 

Agreed it would be better if the sites could find a way to let the novices play in their own groups. I would think there has to be some tracking down by the sites to know what levels each player is.


yeah, i did make the mistake at first of playing H2H. but for the last month in a half its been just double ups and 50/50s after i called the show and yall told me that. now lately yall have been saying that i need to play in the ones that have alot of people. now maybe im looking in the wrong place but on fanduel, mon- fri the $5 double ups have 223 entries and the $10 double ups have 112 entries in them. and yes there are about 20-30 players out of those 50-100 winners that are in the money everyday, on fanduel at least. not saying its not a cool game that you can play a while to have fun, but if you're not winning now, then you wont in the long run. not until there is a way to group the same level of players into the same fields.

Ted Schuster 

You have to find a consistent process to use. One of the biggest issues can be playing either when you are not feeling it or rushing lineups in just to play. I love to play to everyday but it is not always a good thing if not preapared. I hope the football guide is helpful. Those people that appear to be up top are not always there but just appear to be because they play so much quantity, I also recommend avoiding head to head games unless you know who you are playing.


ok. after today when my money is all gone, DFS can go *@#% itself. DFS is not a game of parity. if you are not winning now, then you wont win. More than half the entries in cash games lose everyday. if you look at the leader boards everyday, you will see that the same people are on top. which means the same people are winning and if you are not winning now, then you proablly wont ever win. so save your money before you lose it all like i did. The saying " the rich get richer" is in effect here. so dont waste YOUR money to pay for THEIR trips to bum "F" Egypt to win millions of dollars. anyway, now that i have vented, just want to say thanks to jeff and ted for their hardwork. i hear the callers say you help them so that means your work is paying off. hopefully your football guide helps me in my season long league. Peace out!!!

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