It is shorter slate on the schedule for tonight with just 8 games. The weather looks great for tonight and Clayton Kershaw is the headliner.  There is almost no way you can't use Kershaw tonight in every lineup. The lack of other options is just a start, Kershaw who has been untouchable the last month gets the worst hitting team in the league at home. I know Kershaw is expensive but don't be stupid.  The only other pitcher I even remotely like is Bartolo Colon but did throw in Despaigene as well based on his last few outings and the Dodgers struggles with the bats at times this season.

I will be heavily targeting Colby Lewis with some Angels hitters tonight.Lewis is awful and could give up multiple homeruns tonight to the likes of Pujols, Trout and Calhoun. It is safe to say that the Angels are my top stack for tonight. Jayson Werth and Alex Rios are also great plays as well with their power/speed combo vs left handed pitchers.

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Thursday July 10th:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces Reasoning
Clayton Kershaw P 12,000 13,400 30,505 7,700 Best  Pitcher vs worst hitting team..yes please
Bartolo Colon P 7,500 7,300 12,868 6,300 2.72 ERA  at home 5.06 on Road
Odrisamer Despaigne P 5,300 6,600 10,372 4,500 Dirt Cheap and no other quailty options
Salvador Perez C 3,000 3,900 6,578 4,800 Career .320 vs. Lefties
Francisco Cervelli C 2,300 2,900 4,736 3,500 Punt option who hits .299 vs. L against a pitcher with a .385 woba
Travis D'arnaud C 2,400 2,600 5,080 6,461 .441 wOBA in last 21 PA's
Matt Adams 1B 3,400 4,000 6,461 5,200 continues to be an incredible value
Albert Pujols 1B 4,100 5,300 9,152 5,550 OPS is 1,260 over last week
Lucas Duda 1B 3,600 4,000 6,772 4,600 Contrarian play  in GPP instead of Adams
Jason Kipnis 2B 3,200 4,400 5,369 4,900 Phelps allowing .356 woba vs L
Neil Walker 2B 2,900 3,700 7,324 4,600 1.154 OPS over the last week
Danny Valencia 2B/3B 2,400 3,000 6,719 3,900 Career .333 vs. Lefties
Asdrubal Cabrera SS 2,700 3,900 4,738 4,900 See Kipnis..not many  quality  SS tonight
Elvis Andrus SS 2,900 4,200 5,215 4,950 .341 vs L in 2014
Kyle Seager 3B 3,500 4,500 6,966 5,500 1.042 OPS At home this season
Adrian Beltre 3B 4,700 5,400 7,799 5,650 .344 vs L in 2014 & 1.125 OPS last 7 days
Matt Carpenter 2B/3B 3,200 4,200 6,097 4,950 .308 Career vs Righty
Michael Brantley OF 4,200 4,700 9,180 5,350 1.278 OPS over last 7 games
Jayson Werth OF 3,500 4,600 8,524 5,000 1.421 OPS over last 7 games
Alex Rios OF 3,100 4,600 5,273 4,900  .372 vs L in 2014 & great value on DS
Kole Calhoun OF 3,800 4,200 8,097 5,000 1.167 OPS last 7 and Colby Lewis Sucks
Mike Trout OF 5,200 5,900 9,193 6,200 Colby Lewis Sucks!!! 
Lorenzo Cain OF 3,500 4,400 7,031 4,600 .483 OBP with 5 steals in the last 6 games
Oscar Taveras OF 2,200 3,500 4,595 3,850 Hitting 2nd again tonight
Jake Smolinski OF/1B 3,000 2,000 N/A N/A Hitting 5th and extreme value


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