Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pick Ups

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Hoop Dreams 

Sorry for the wall of text. I guess I have to use the html command to get new paragraphs. A couple more details on the 10 team league. That one has a 7 move limit per week and there are always some nice FA on the wire like Henson, Steve Blake, Hickson, Koufos, Amir Johnson, Robin Lopez, Glen Davis, and more. With all my injuries I was thinking of maybe using one spot to stream a player each day. I'm just afraid that if I do drop someone like Tobias or tristan tompson, I wont be able to get them back.

Hoop Dreams 

K short and sweet this time. heres my 10-team 9cat H2H roster
Jennings, Holiday, MCW Mayo, Beal George, Hayward, Iguodala, Tobias Harris Love, Tristan Thompson Vucevic, Pekovic I'm want to add Larry Sanders but I can't decide who to drop and whether he's worth adding with all my current injuries already (somehow lost only 4-5 last week). When healthy my team dominates pretty much every category except FG%, turnovers, and blocks. And that's where Sanders comes in. What are your thoughts?

I've got hoop dreams, coach! I got em bad! 

Hey! It's me from last time. The "rogue." You recommended Tinafey Mozgov last time. He had a nice little run but I decided last night to part ways with him in my 14 team league (H2H 9-cat w/29 moves left for season). Seemed safe to drop him, plus JaVale should be coming back sometime. I saw an opportunity to add Marcus Thornton who might see a bump. I might regret passing on Ross (definitely not Salmons), but we'll see how it goes. I've also got to start making plans on my next add because Koufos' days are numbered (then again, aren't all of ours?). In addition to the guys your wrote about (Sessions, Alan Anderson), which of these studs is worth keeping an eye on for when I need to make the move? I mean, I'll keep my eye on all of them, but it helps to get another perspective. Jason Thompson, Redick, McGee, James Anderson, Trevor Booker, Nash, Granger, Olynyk, KCP, Gallinari, Bayless I do have another question regarding my 10-team league. I'll post it as a separate comment. My comments get long sometimes...I tend to ramble...Hecman knows about my frequent commenting. He seems ok with it tho...I hope! lol Anyway thanks and good stuff.

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@Jeff_Mans yeah it was Destiny Child's lover Nate, my bad but dam if he isn't a WPT announcer

All this hate on Melky Cabrera for PED use needs to stop you all know dam well you'd have 12 needles sticking out your leg to play in MLB

@Jeff_Mans Travis, your producer, sounds like a Poker announcer (not a knock).

@Jeff_Mans love how Cole denied swearing at him. It was clear as day on ROOT Sportscast. You talk shit better be ready for a shit storm brah