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Week 13 Fantasy Football Pass Targets Winners And Losers

Fantasy Alarm Post Week 13 Fantasy Football Pass Targets Winners and Losers for wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends

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Week 13 Fantasy Football Pass Targets Winners and Losers

As Borat would say, “Woo Wee, Woo Whaa,” what a week for receivers! Week 13 brought us some dominating performances from wideouts that likely propelled your Fantasy team into the playoffs, or crushed your dreams if you didn’t have them. Josh Gordon set an NFL record for most receiving yards in a two game span with 498 on 24 receptions and while getting in the end zone three times the past two weeks. We saw Alshon Jeffery set Bears' single-game receiving yardage record with 249 yards. And, Gordon and Jeffrey became the 1st two players to have 240 receiving yards on the same day in NFL history, yet they were not the top performing wideout in Week 13. That title would go to Eric Decker, who became the first Broncos player to reel in four touchdown passes in a game for 41 standard league Fantasy Points and 49 in PPR leagues. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we move into this week’s Target Winners and Losers.

Wide Receiver Target Winners

Alshon Jeffery 15 12
Josh Gordon 15 10
Brian Hartline 15 9
Harry Douglas 15 6
Roddy White 14 10
Anquan Boldin 14 9
Eric Decker 12 8
Julian Edelman 12 9
Pierre Garcon 12 9
5 players with 11 targets    

* Harry Douglas with back-to-back games of leading the Falcons in targets, 70-plus yards receiving, and unfortunately no touchdowns. With the return of Roddy White to Fantasy Relevancy with 143 yards receiving, it may make it even easier sledding for Douglas going foward as he may not be the focal point of oppossing defenses. Both Douglas and White should be in your starting lineups as I would not be surprised if both receivers see their touchdown droughts end versus the Packers this week. The Packers have allowed nine receiving touchdowns to receivers over the last five games, and that total would likely have been even higher except for they played the Vikings in one of those games.

* Brian Hartline found the end zone for the first time since Week 3 and has played his way back into a PPR start over the last three weeks.

* Three solid weeks in a row form Anquan Boldin, but has a tough matchup versus the Seahawks this week. Boldin had just one catch on three targets for seven yards in the teams Week Two matchup.

* Guess Julian Edelman's Week 12 peformance was not a fluke as he has posted back-to-back double-digit targets, nine receptions, for 100-plus yards receiving.

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Runnig Back Target Winners

Le'Veon Bell 9 7
Darren Sproles 8 7
Maurice Jones-Drew 8 2
Ray Rice 7 6
Chris Johnson 7 6
Shane Vereen 6 5
Ryan Mathews 6 5
LeSean McCoy 6 5
6 tied with 5 targets    

* Le'Veon Bell matched his target totals from the previous two weeks combined, has rushed for 70-plus yards over his last two games, and looks like a must start this week (if he passes his concussion tests) against a Dolphins team that is great in defending receivers, but has allowed the eighth most Fantasy Points to running backs this season.

* Ryan Mathews saw a season-high in targets and receptions and remains a FLEX option, at least.

* Maurice Jones-Drew had another overall decent game with 77 yards rushing, unfortunately he did not get the end zone for the first time in four games and only caught two of the eight targets. Do not overrate this week's matchup versus the Texans, who have now allowed 88-plus yards rushing over their last four games (three of them 100-plus rushing yards) and four rushing touchdowns.

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Tight End Target Winners

Rob Gronkowski 12 6
Garrett Graham 11 3
Charles Clay 10 7
Heath Miller 9 8
Antonio Gates 9 5
Jimmy Graham 9 3
Zach Miller 8 5
Greg Olsen 8 4
Tony Gonzalez 7 4
Jordan Cameron 7 4


* Gronk is a stud, 'nuff said.

* Garrett Graham has been a target machine with 29 total targets the last three weeks, unfortunately he has not amassed more than 36 yards receiving in his last two games, nor reached the end zone. Graham and the Texans play a Jags team that is allowing the third most Fantasy Points to tight ends this season, but the Jags have not allowed a touchdown to a tight end in their last three games, so throw some caution to the wind if you were thinking of getting fancy.

* Just as Charles Clay gets back on track, he and the Dolphins will face a Steelers team that has been a top five team in defending the tight end position.

* On the flip side, Heath Miller continues his upward swing in Fantasy Production and will face a Dolphins team that has been the total oppossite of the Steelers in defending the tight end position as they are allowing the fifth most Fantasy Points to tight ends this season.

* Monday was a season best night for Zach Miller who's totals were season-highs and now has put together back-to-back good weeks, but unfortunately his success may end there as he and the Hawks will face a Niners team that has allowed the second fewest Fantasy Points to tight ends this season.

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Week 13 Target Losers

For this portion of the target report I am going to take a little different approach than you may be used to. The criteria going forward is that each player eligible to land in this "Land of Let Down" must have been on the field for 60% or more of their team's snaps (50% for running backs), had fewer than 60 yards receiving, and did not reach the end zone. For example, Gregg Little saw only four targets (two receptions), which was tied for the seventh fewest among receivers who saw 60% of their team's snap, but he did have get a touchdown, so he did not make our list of losers. Get it? Got it? Good, Let's Go...

Wide Receiver Target Losers

Nate Burleson 0 0
Marlon Brown 1 1
Mike Brown 2 1
Vincent Brown 2 1
Robert Woods 3 2
Jermaine Kearse 3 2
Miles Austin 4 1
Terrance Williams 4 3
Wes Welker 4 3


* WTH Nate Burleson goes from serving up a slice of Fantasy greatness in Week 12 to nothing. Not sure if I am in the minority, but I believe that this poor outing will be an outlier and would still consider Burleson a WR3 option this week against the worst pass defense in the league in the Eagles.

* Drop Marlon Brown, if you have not already, and consider picking up Jacoby Jones who saw seven targets for 53 yards receiving on four catches, not great numbers, but could be a sneaky WR3 play this week against a Vikings team where receivers become stars.

* Mike Brown has been surpassed by Ace Sanders who has been targeted 26 times over the last three games for 60-plus yards receiving in each of those games.

* Miles Austin and Terrance Williams....I think this picture explains it:

Guess the late Turkey Day made it seem like December for Tony.

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Running Back Target Losers

Ben Tate 0 0
Rashad Jennings 1 1
Steven Jackson 1 1
Lamar Miller 1 1
Zac Stacy 2 1
Frank Gore 2 2
Donald Brown 2 2
Matt Forte 2 2
Jamaal Charles 2 2
Adrian Peterson 2 2

* Lot of stars on this list, and players who do/did enough rushing  wise, so take this with a grain of salt.

Tight End Target Losers

Virgil Green 1 1
Brandon Pettigrew 2 1
Jermaine Gresham 2 0
Jason Witten 3 3
Taylor Thompson 3 0
Martellus Bennett 4 2


* Hopefully you have learned not to count on Brandon Pettidrops

* You saw some more Mythical Unicorn Sh...from Martellus Bennett as he did not make your party pop off against a favorable matchup in the Vikings. He has another favorable matchup against the Cowboys this week, but you are betting on a touchdown if you play him as he has not had more than four receptions for 62 yards receiving since Week Six.

And with that we bring this week's Target Winners and Losers to a close, but do not forget to join our Fantasy Alarm Sunday Morning Live Start/Sit Chat from 10am till game time every Sunday here: “Ask the Experts." and follow us on twitter.




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