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Weekly Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pick Ups

Weekly Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pick Ups for week starting December 1st.

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Weekly Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups

Hey Fantasy Hoopers, hope you all had a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. We have arrived at a new week, new month, new time to scour the waiver wire to improve your Fantasy team. So let's kick off this month, that is suppossed to be about giving, with some waiver wire presents for you....don't say I never gave anything.

(Note: percentage numbers indicate percentage owned. Also, it may be worth your time to look back at last week's article if you missed it as some players from there may still be available in your league).


* Rockets Aaron Brooks (7%) has, and will see, an increase in minutes while Jeremy Lin is out with a knee injury and the Rockets are a just one of 10 teams that play four games this week making Brooks an even more enticing option if you are into that kinky Fantasy thing we call streaming.

* Nuggets Nate Robinson PG/SG (22%) Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson has picked up his production over his last seven games. He was averaging around 13 points, two 3-pointers, two assists, and a steal a game in 18.8 mpg over his last six games, then he went off for 23 points (five 3-pointers) and a season high five assists in 24 minutes Sunday. (Nate Dog has now scored in double-digits in each of his last seven games).

* Cavs Dion Waiters SG (32%) while we continue to wait for Waiters to start again, it just seems a formality as he has played starter minutes in his last three games where he is averaging 21.7 points, 2.3 three pointers, four rebounds, and three assists in 31.5 mpg, which I believe could be more than all of the shooting guards head coach Mike Brown has started in place of him combined. I kid, but really it could be.




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* Raptors Tyler Hansbrough PF (1%) moved into the starting lineup for the Raptors on Sunday and played a season-high 34 minutes, the final stat line was not all that impressive, but his career Per 36 Minutes averages of 16 points and about nine rebounds is, so while he starts and/or gets similar minutes he is worth adding in deeper leagues.

* Bulls Tony Snell SF (less than 1%) has started the last three games, has upped his production in each of those games, and with Jimmy Butler expected to be out at least another week, Snell is worth at least a short-term flier, with the upside that he could still be valuable when Butler returns.

* Kings Derrick Williams SF/PF (22%) had a nice debut with his new team Friday with 12 points, six rebounds, and four assists, but not so much of a second game performance with just four points, seven rebounds, a steal, and no assists. There will likely be some ups and downs for Williams as he feels out his way with his new team, but in the long run you should see more games like Friday's than Sunday's.

Streaming option: Khris Middleton as the Bucks play four times this week

In case you missed it: Jazz SF/PF Marvin Williams would top this list, whom I recommended last week, but is still surprisingly less than 10% owned.

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* Suns Channing Frye C/PF (51%) may have the body of a french fry, but that helps him stretch the floor, and as I've mentioned before, he is a poor man's version of Spencer Hawes who can score, rebound, block shots, get steals, and knock down threes as his last six games illustrate: 17.5 points, 3.3 three pointers, 5.8 rebounds, and a steal and a block a game while shooting 59% from the field (50% from downtown) and 71% from the charity stripe.

* Cavs Andrew Bynum C (36%) has seen his minutes begin to tick up big time and he even played in back-to-back games, so do not delay any longer on adding him, if you are lucky enough to still find him on your waiver wire. (I rank Bynum as the must add of this group).

* Grizzles Kosta Koufos C/PF (17%) with Marc Gasol out indefinetly with a knee injury Koufos should continue to start in his place and has the potential to average a double-double.

In case you missed it: Blazers Robin Lopez (29%) and Mavs DeJuan Blair who I both prefer over Koufos. Blair gets the edge over Koufos for his ablity to get steals while putting up similar points and rebound totals.

Well, hopefully you will find these players as you go waiver wire hunting this week and remember you can always post your Fantasy Hoops questions in the comments section below and/or tweet at me. Best of Luck.



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    FantasyNomad 02 Dec 14:52 / Reply

    Hecman Hoopers always welcome. And unfortunate your Thanksgiving weekend had to end with AD going down. As for who to pick up....I was a big Faveranist preseason, but even with Kelly-O out he is not getting enough minutes nor doing enough with the minutes he is getting (oh where have the blocks gone). I used Plumlee in a DFS contest, but with Brook back it's getting too crowed for Mason to lay much of a Fantasy foundation going forward, Ed mainly had value with Z-Buckets out, Anteokunmpo is cute and all with his antlers, but too young and raw to count on, the last three RJ, Thornton, and Mo Will, have too low of a Fantasy ceiling and since you lost a big, it is better to target a big, so Mozzy is my recommendation to just cause I love White Collar, but because you know he will get the minutes and he is putting up career numbers thus far and his Per 36 minutes (and his last game )show us that he can do even more if he gets more minutes. So go Tinafey Mozgov.

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    A Hecman Hooper 02 Dec 12:11 / Reply

    Hey, so I'm gonna be without AD for a few weeks and I'm left with Koufos and Valanciunas to hold down the center spot. I'm in a 14 team league so all these guys, except Psycho T, are rostered. Which of these guys would you recommend to try and somewhat fill the void left by AD (or just to have on my roster)? Mozgov, Ed Davis (those are the decent ones, the next ones are just...well you'll see), Sacre, Faverani, Birdman, Shawn Williams, Giannis Antetokounmpo, MASON Plumlee, Richard Jefferson, Marcus Thornton, and Mo Williams. Thanks!

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