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Hecman Hoopers always welcome. And unfortunate your Thanksgiving weekend had to end with AD going down. As for who to pick up....I was a big Faveranist preseason, but even with Kelly-O out he is not getting enough minutes nor doing enough with the minutes he is getting (oh where have the blocks gone). I used Plumlee in a DFS contest, but with Brook back it's getting too crowed for Mason to lay much of a Fantasy foundation going forward, Ed mainly had value with Z-Buckets out, Anteokunmpo is cute and all with his antlers, but too young and raw to count on, the last three RJ, Thornton, and Mo Will, have too low of a Fantasy ceiling and since you lost a big, it is better to target a big, so Mozzy is my recommendation to just cause I love White Collar, but because you know he will get the minutes and he is putting up career numbers thus far and his Per 36 minutes (and his last game )show us that he can do even more if he gets more minutes. So go Tinafey Mozgov.

A Hecman Hooper 

Hey, so I'm gonna be without AD for a few weeks and I'm left with Koufos and Valanciunas to hold down the center spot. I'm in a 14 team league so all these guys, except Psycho T, are rostered. Which of these guys would you recommend to try and somewhat fill the void left by AD (or just to have on my roster)? Mozgov, Ed Davis (those are the decent ones, the next ones are just...well you'll see), Sacre, Faverani, Birdman, Shawn Williams, Giannis Antetokounmpo, MASON Plumlee, Richard Jefferson, Marcus Thornton, and Mo Williams. Thanks!

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