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Weekly Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups

Weekly Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups for week starting Monday, March 3rd

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Weekly Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups

Hey Fantasy Hoopers, looking for a pickup or two to get your team primed for the playoffs or a late surge in your roto leagues? Well then we got you covered in this week’s Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Pickups. (Note: The percentage numbers indicate ownership in ESPN leagues. Click on the players in blue to see their profile page and for the most part we focus on providing players who are around 50% or less owned).

This Week's Schedule:

  • 5 Games: LAL
  • 3 Games: ATL, BOS, CLE, DAL, LAC, OKC, PHX, SAS, WAS
  • 2 Games: ORL, PHI, TOR

Important Note:

  • While the Lakers have a league high five games they only have two next week and three the following.
  • Of the three teams that have two games this week ORL has three games next week while PHI and TOR have four.
  • In the week starting March 17th the LAC is the only team that plays two games.

I post this in case you are on the fence deciding between a player or two as one of the questions from this week’s mailbag highlights:

Fantasy Nomad's Mailbag:

@DavidLZion: better play this week Farmar (5), Ajinca (4), Barnes (3) or Alphabet Soup (4)

Most often it is best to go with the player who has the more games and this case is no different, especially since Farmar has proven to be a solid fantasy option so long as he stays healthy. Giannis Antetokounmpo (The Alphabet/Greek the Freak) gets the slight nod ahead of Alexis Ajinca mainly because the Bucks play five games next week to the Pelicans three and he is not as much of a liablity in terms of getting into foul trouble as Ajinca is. Barnes is already meh and now will come off the bench as Doc Rivers said he wants to start newly acquired small forward Danny Granger.

@TarynEAnthony: I need 2: J. Lin, W. Chandler, D. Waiters, B. McLemore, Chalmers, Aaron Brooks, Farmar, K. Marshall

Farmar, for the reasons laid out above (and more to come within the contents on following slides). Second choice is Wilson Chandler, (Update: Ty Lawson will return Monday).

Thanks David and Taryn for the questions and if you have ones of your own you can tweet @FantasyNomad and/or post them in the comments section below where I can give more detailed answers.

Before we segue into this week’s waiver wire recommendations I want to remind you to check out our Daily Dribble article which comes out everyday and highlights injury news of the day, how it should shape your decision making (especially for those of you who play on DFS), upcoming daily league tournaments, and a few other surprises to help you gain an advantage over your competition. Now let’s bounce on over to this week’s top free agent targets.


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Jordan Farmar (15%), Kent Bazemore (43%), and MarShon Brooks (2%) in this order. As pointed out above the Lakers are the only team whom are scheduled for five games this week. Farmar is the top option because he starts and provides more production across the board than Bazemore and Brooks do. Bazemore over Brooks because he starts and has a slight edge over Brooks in rebounds and steals while both will provide solid production in points and threes.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (6%) I think the hype on this kid is a little high when we are talking about just this season, as for the future the sky’s the limit. The reason to own the kid affectionately referred to as the “Alphabet” and “Greek the Freak” is for his contributions in steals and blocks and as mentioned above the Bucks play five games next week. Every time the Alphabet steps on the court he is a threat for multiple blocks and thefts the rest is just a bonus.

Rodney Stuckey (22%) has seen 30-plus minutes in each of his last two games, but realize he is a one-two dimensional player that will mainly only help you in points (not 3-pointers), and possibly a bit in steals.

Tony Wroten (26%) if I had to chose between Stuckey and Murder She Wroten I’d lean towards Tony who has more upside to produce in the auxiliary categories outside of just getting buckets as is the case for Stuckey.

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Manu Ginobili (47%)he and the Spurs are getting healthy and recent performances from the Argentinean illustrates that: 15.3 points, 7.0 assists, 1.3 steals, and 1.0 blocks in 25.4 minutes per game over his last three contests.

Vince Carter (36%) the 37-year old vet has played in all but one game this season and has seemingly gotten better as the season has goes on:

Wesley Johnson (25%) some owners bailed on Johnson at the end of February where he scored four points combined over a two game span and now is being overshadowed in the eyes of some fantasy owners in favor of some of his new teammates making waves. If this is the case in your league, jump at the opportunity to scoop him up off the scrap pile because unlike Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks, Johnson fills up the stat sheet in EVERY category. Johnson is coming off a double-double of 12 points and 12 rebounds in his last game, has eight blocks in his last three games and at least one block in each of his last five games while playing 35-plus minutes in each of his last two games. Remember the Lakers play five games this week and Johnson is eligible at small forward, which is one of the two thinnest positions to fill each day.

Mike Scott (4%) appears here every week because so many owners refuse to buy into him even though his production has remained consistent when he sees over 20 minutes, which looks like he is back doing (Scott has seen about 30 or so minutes in four of his last five). He is the Easter Conferences version to the Suns Markieff Morris except now it looks as if Scott will be a starter, which should help make up for the slight differences in production in the comparison between he and Markieff Morris below.


Elton Brand (13%) it looks as if Old Man Brand is trying to defy father time alas Vinsanity. Brand has stepped up his game of late averaging 10 points, 8.7 boards, four assists, 1.3 steals, and three blocks in 35.6 minutes per game over his last three games.

Alexis Ajinca (4%) some other industry folk are hating on Ajinca and although some of their points may be valid (they are probably the same people that bought into Larry Sanders) I am in the camp that he will continue to get minutes and as long as he can stay out of foul trouble he has the potential to put up solid numbers. Ajinca’s PER 36 numbers show that his recent production is not a fluke rather he just needs the PT. (The gap in years is a result of him seeing fewer than 10 games in a season).

Year  Points Rebounds Blocks
2008-09 13.8 5.9 1.2
2010-11 15.1 8.3 2
2013-14 11.9 10.7 1.9

Deeper league owners may want to consider 76ers center Henry Sims who has become the team's starting center since Spencer Hawes was sent packing. Sims is averaging about 10 points, six rebounds, and a block per game in those three starts.

For you Daily League players I post my Daily Dribble article seven days a week around 1pm eastern and check out my Daily League Recommendations article every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the NBA Articles section at Fantasy Alarm. And for you Fantasy Baseball players searching for answer for the 2014 fantasy baseball season?

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