Fantasy Baseball: Daily Statistical Nuances from the Fantasy Nomad March 8th by Michael Pichan (@FantasyNomad) [caption id="attachment_16081" align="alignleft" width="254"] On "Sale," You Buying?[/caption]   Each day I will post underlying stat(s) of the day that will help shed some light on player(s) that I believe are important as your draft day approaches. Today's Statistical Nuances revolve around White Sox LHP SP Chris Sale. who recently signed a five-year, $32.5 million contract extension with options.   Many people are worried about Chris Sale's mechanics, and his appearance of a high torque delivery, stating that he is in more danger of an arm injury than other pitchers who seemingly have better mechanics and maybe a smoother delivery. Although I agree, to some extent, with these assertions I believe it is more likely that the soon to be 24 year old (yeah that’s right just 24 years old), Sale would experience these perceived arm issues down the road. If we put this debate aside and look at his 2012 numbers and compare them to Giants’ ace Matt Cain, we see an ace pitcher who is going later in drafts then he should.
Chris Sale 9.00 2.39 3.76 0.89 1.14 3.24 3.05
Matt Cain 7.92 2.09 3.78 0.86 1.04 3.82 2.79
Analysis: Who looks like the more impressive pitcher? Do you see much of a difference? The differences I see favors Chris Sale, who offers more strikeouts per nine, less discrepancy in xFIP and ERA, and similar stats in the remaining categories. Despite the similar stats, Matt Cain is currently being drafted as a Top 10 pitcher, whereas Chris Sale is being taken, on average, as the 18th pitcher off the board. That my friends, may be the best value going. Not too often you can get a player, in this case Chris Sale, with top 5-10 potential at his position, in round six. I guess you could call that a Draft Day “Sale” worth buying. For some recent news and more stats and Fantasy Recommendations click here: Chris Sale For more statistical insight, and draft day help, be sure to listen to the's Box Score Baseball podcast and post your comments or questions in the comment section below.


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