2013 Fantasy Baseball: Closer Rankings by Michael Pichan (@FantasyNomad) [caption id="attachment_15999" align="alignleft" width="200"] "Yo man, just because our team isn't that good doesn't mean you won't still have a chance to accumulate some saves, bro."[/caption] A common saying in Fantasy Baseball Draft Circles is "I'm not paying for saves!" This saying is often misconstrued as meaning, "Don't draft closers."  That is not what is meant by "not paying for saves." What it means is don't draft closers early as about 50% of those pitchers who start off the season as their team's closer do not finish the season in that role. If you don't draft closers on draft day you'll be chasing saves all season long, and that method usually does not work out well. So, don't feel like you have to reach to get a so-called elite closer, but don't ignore the position completely.     If you have missed any of my previously released  Fantasy Baseball Rankings click here: Michael Pichan’s Blog Page. Fantasy Pros, or Fantasy Rundown I look forward to seeing who you agree and/or disagree with in the comment section below each rankings.  And, if you haven't already, subscribe to our Box Score Baseball podcast on iTunes, Blog Talk Radio, or at Bretskyball.com. (Note: the +/- ECR means the difference between where I ranked a player compared to 30 experts who have posted there rankings at FantasyPros.com)
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