Statistical Nuances from the Nomad: Running Backs by Michael Pichan the Fantasy Nomad Welcome into the realm of Fantasy Football analysis where the focus is on unearthing information that will help your Fantasy Football team gain an advantage over of the competition. Each week, I will dig through the data, so you don’t have to, to provide a deeper explanation of what happened, uncover why those things happened, and whether we should expect those things to continue to happen. Running Backs Week Six [caption id="attachment_15634" align="alignleft" width="259"] Adrian Peterson making things happen, just not getting in the end zone, yet.[/caption]
  • Adrian Peterson led all RB’s in snaps with 72 followed by LeSean McCoy (65), Chris Johnson (64), Darren McFadden (62), and another top five finish for Ahmad Bradshaw (55).
  • Shonn Greene topped all backs in carries with 32, (first time Greene has had over 20 attempts since week one), followed by Ahmad Bradshaw and Darren McFadden (27, first week that McFadden saw more then 18 rushing attempts), and Alex Green and Ryan Mathews each saw the fourth most attempts with 22.
  • Rushing Yardage Leaders: Shonn Greene (161 yds. his first 100+ rushing games since week 14 of last year), Ahmad Bradshaw (116), Chris Johnson (98), DeMarco Murray (93, Murray may miss a few weeks with a foot injury), followed by his teammate Felix Jones (93).
  • Elusive Rating: Adrian Peterson (109.8 ER,/5 missed tackles rushing), Shone Greene (64.1,/8. Greene had only caused one missed rushing tackle coming into this week), BenJarvus Green-Ellis (62.5/3), Felix Jones (48.2/2, Jones had a top 10 Elusive Rating in 2011), then Fred Jackson (40.2/4)
  • The top targeted backs were CIN RB Cedric Peerman, LeSean McCoy, and Adrian Peterson (8), followed by Reggie Bush and Fred Jackson each with six targets.
  • The top pass catching running back was Cedric Peerman (8 catches on 8 targets), followed by LeSean McCoy and Adrian Peterson (7), then Reggie Bush, Fred Jackson, and Danny Woodhead (5).
Some Interesting RB Stats from Week Six:
  • Arizona Cardinals: William Powell saw 26 snaps- 13 run plays (13 att, 70 yds rushing, zero TD's), nine pass plays (1 target, 1 reception, 8 yds. and zero TD's). LaRod Stephens-Howling was on the field for 40 snaps,12 run plays (11 att., 22 yds, zero TD's), 24 pass plays (1 target, zero receptions).
  • St. Louis Rams: Steven Jackson saw 47 snaps, 13 run plays (13 att, 53 yds, zero TD's), 22 pass plays (5 targets, 3 rec., 26 yds., and zero TD's). Darryl Richardson saw 28 snaps, 11 run plays (11 att., 76 yds., and zero TD's, most rushing attempts since week two), 14 pass plays (3 targets, 2 rec., 23 yds., and zero TD's).
  • Green Bay Packers: Alex Green saw 51 snaps, 22 run plays (22 att., 65 yds., and zero TD's ), 10 pass plays (1 target, 1 rec., 8 yds., and zero TD's). John Kuhn 27 snaps, 2 run (2 att., 6 yds., and zero TD's), 6 pass (no targets). James Starks 8 snaps, 5 run plays, (5 att., 11 yds., and zero TD's ), 1 pass play (no targets)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Doug Martin saw 28 snaps, 13 run plays (13 att., 76 yds., and zero TD's), 8 pass plays (4 targets, 2 rec., 55 yds., and zero TD's). LeGarrette Blount 18 snaps, 8 run plays (7 att., 58 yds., and 1 TD, back to back games with a rushing TD), 7 pass plays (no targets). Danny (DJ) Ware 8 snaps, 1 run play (1 att., 6 yds., and zero TD's),  5 pass plays (2 rec., 10 yds., and zero TD's).
Running Back Leaders Through Week Six
  • LeSean McCoy leads all RB’s in snaps (367), followed by Ray Rice (337), Arian Foster (311), Chris Johnson (308), then Marshawn Lynch (293)
  • Arian Foster still leads the league in attempts (149), followed by Marshawn Lynche (128), Stevan Ridley (118), Alfred Morris (116), then Jamaal Charles (115)
  • Rushing Yardage Leaders: Jamaal Charles (598yds., 5.2 yds/att, but only has 2 rushing TD's), Arian Foster (561/3.8), Marshawn Lynch (554/4.3), Alfred Morris moved up one spot (538/4.6), then Stevan Ridley moved down a spot (526, 4.5)
  •  Arian Foster leads the league in rushing touchdowns with seven followed by Alfred Morris and Ray Rice (5), then a five way tie for fourth most rushing TD's with four are C.J. Spiller, Stevan Ridley, Shonn Greene (three of Greene's TD's came week six), Trent Richardson, and Frank Gore
  • Yards/att. (50% of workload comes from rushing): Darren Sproles (5.4), Frank Gore (5.3), Jamaal Charles (5.2), Ray Rice (5.0), then Maurice Jones-Drew and Ahmad Bradshaw (4.9)
  • Elusive Rating: Marshawn Lynch (54.6 ER,/25 missed tackles rushing, most amongst RB's), Alfred Morris (51.5/20), DeMarco Murrary (51.1/15), Frank Gore (48.6/13), then Adrian Peterson (45.4/18
  • The top targeted backs are Ray Rice moves up a spot (34), Darren Sproles (33), LeSean McCoy moves up two spots (25), Darren McFadden (21),  then Trent Richardson (27)
  • The top pass catching running backs: Darren Sporles (28), LeSean McCoy moves up two spots (25), down a spot each Ray Rice (24), Trent Richardson (22), then  and Darren McFadden (21)
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