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Daily Fantasy Football: Draft Kings Week 16

Win a Million Dollars on Draft Kings in Week 16 with the help of Jeff Mans

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That is a MILLION DOLLARS in cash that you see above right now.  This is precisely the amount that Draft Kings is giving away to a SINGLE WINNER this week just by playing Fantasy Football.  Trust me when I say that you will never have a better opportunity to win a million bucks than the 1 in 2000 that you have on Draft Kings this week.  You guys know Fantasy Football.  You've studied it all year long, you've watched the games and best of all you've come here for the advice to help you through.  Whether you're in the Championship Game in your league or you got bounced from the playoffs, you still have a chance to make this the best season ever.

I've spend the entire week pouring over the numbers, researching the weather and assembling the lineups that will win that million dollar grand prize.  What follows are my players that I am choosing to go to war with this week.  Read the thoughts behind these choices and let me know what you think.



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Tony Romo (Cowboys) at Washington -- $7600 – The entire world is against Romo this week after his late interception blew the game for the Cowboys last week.  But he is going to shred the Redskins in a must win game this week.


Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) at Green Bay -- $7200 – Roethlisberger has averaged 276 yards and 2.5 TD’s per game over the last 5 games.  This is some very good production for the price especially with a plus matchup this week.   

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Titans) at Jacksonville -- $5500 – This could be the QB who wins somebody a Million Dollars this week.  Fitzpatrick started in the Titans Week 9 loss to the Jaguars but threw for 264 yards, 2 TD’s while rushing for another TD as well.

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LeSean McCoy (Eagles) Vs. Chicago -- $8500 – McCoy could be the play of the year this week against the historically bad Bears rush defense.  There is no way short of an injury that McCoy doesn’t run for over 100 yards this week.  The price is high but the results could be well worth it.


Zac Stacy (Rams) Vs. Tampa Bay -- $6200 – Stacy has been very effective since taking over as the lead RB for the Rams.  This week he gets the Bucs 23rd ranked rush defense at home which could result in multiple TD’s.  


C.J. Spiller (Bills) Vs. Miami -- $5100 – Yeah that’s right I am going back to Spiller this week even though he’s been an incredibly disappointment this year.


Dennis Johnson (Texans) Vs. Denver -- $3000 – Ben Tate is out for the season and so Johnson will take over as the lead RB for the Texans this week.  This is a very hard play to avoid considering you are getting a full time RB for the bare minimum pricetag.

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Antonio Brown (Steelers) at Green Bay -- $7800 – I am going to spend on WR’s this week because there are few lower priced players that we can really count on this week.  Brown has been the single most consistent Fantasy WR all season and I see no reason that doesn’t continue this week.


A.J. Green (Bengals) Vs. Minnesota -- $7500 – Green will be the #1 Fantasy WR this week.  To get him in your lineup on Draft Kings for this price is an absolute MUST this week.


Pierre Garcon (Redskins) Vs. Dallas -- $6300 – Speaking of consistency at the WR position, the least amount of targets Garcon has seen this season is seven and the least amount of catches is five.  For $6300 bucks against the Cowboys this is a very safe play this week.

Vincent Jackson (Buccaneers) at St. Louis -- $6200 – This seems to be the sweet spot for WR’s this weekend.  V-Jax could be a top 5 WR this week and at this price point I will have him in many of my Draft Kings lineups.


Riley Cooper (Eagles) Vs. Chicago -- $5000 – The Bears secondary can shut down the smaller DeSean Jackson but they have trouble against taller receivers who can get upfield.  Cooper will make a big play or two that very well could be the difference in this game.


Da’Rick Rogers (Colts) at Kansas City -- $4500 – I expect Rogers to rebound from a real down game last week against a Chiefs defense that has been torn apart in the past four games.


Justin Hunter (Titans) at Jacksonville -- $3500 – This is a boom or bust pick without question.  I am feeling Hunter coming back from being inactive last week due to breaking a team rule to make a few big plays and get in the endzone against the Jaguars this week.

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Vernon Davis (49ers) Vs. Atlanta -- $6200 – Davis will likely keep his consecutive TD streak going against the Falcons on Monday Night Football.


Delanie Walker (Titans) at Jacksonville -- $4900 – Walker has been red hot in the second half of this season even since Ryan Fitzpatrick took over at QB.  He is facing the second worst defense against the TE this week and should again help his owners win some cash.


Charles Clay (Dolphins) at Buffalo -- $3900 – There are times where I feel like Draft Kings is just toying with us.  Clay for $3900!?!?  This makes for an excellent TE play or a very good FLEX play this week as well if you are spending your bigger money other places.

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Miami Dolphins (Dolphins DST) at Buffalo -- $3400 – I don’t always pay for defenses but when I do I do it against bad offenses with backup QB’s playing in inclement weather.


Detroit Lions (Lions DST) Vs. N.Y. Giants -- $3000 – Give me any defense playing against Eli Manning and I am good to go.  Factor in that Victor Cruz is out and this play gets even better.


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