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Daily Fantasy Football: Draft Kings Week 14

The best plays in Daily Fantasy Football on Draft Kings for NFL Week 14

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Welcome to another addition of the Draft Kings Plays Of The Week!! This is where I lay out all of my tricks and help you win big money playing Daily Fantasy Football.  This week you guys should be completely focused on qualifying for the Fantasy Football Millionaire Grand Final which takes place in just two weeks!  There is literally no better Christmas present that you can give yourself than an entry into that big event.

This week you can also play in our RAKE FREE contest over at Draft Kings in which all new depositors & the winner of the contest will win a BRAND NEW Meta Watch in addition to their share of the $500 prize pool.  So far, you guys have seriously crapped the bed when it comes to beating me so I am hoping that you can show better this week.  Also, it would be nice to get some new blood in here since the current group keeps getting its ass me.

So, please pay attention closely as my lineups are going to use pretty much all of the players you will see here.  Take the ones you like, leave the ones you don't but get your sorry ass over to Draft Kings and take me on in some Daily Fantasy Football.

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Matthew Stafford (Lions) at Philadelphia -- $10,100 – Stafford is the one true thing at the QB position this week and his fee accounts for that.


Josh McCown (Bears) Vs. Dallas -- $7400 – McCown has been on fire lately and his price tag has gotten a bit steep.  This is probably the extent to which I would consider playing him but he is still a lock for 250 yards and 2 TD’s again this week.


Ryan Fitzpatrick (Titans) at Denver -- $6300 – It would not surprise me if Fitzpatrick has a better Fantasy day than Peyton Manning this week.  With his rushing ability and ball hogging prowess, Fitzpatrick is a very good play this week.


Eli Manning (Giants) at San Diego -- $5800 – This is just ridiculous.  I understand that none of us want to play Eli ever again but at $5800 you have to consider the type of team you can build around him.

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JaMaal Charles (Chiefs) at Washington -- $8700 – Charles is going to tear apart the Redskins defense this week.  It’s just a matter of whether or not you want to pay for a guaranteed solid outing or not?


Matt Forte (Bears) Vs. Dallas -- $8500 – The Dallas defense is atrocious against the run and Forte is one of the best in the league.  I am expecting 150+ total yards and a score from Forte this week.


Andre Brown (Giants) at San Diego -- $7000 – With Brandon Jacobs out another week, Brown is in no danger of losing goal line carries which is a huge plus.  The Chargers are terrible against the run too and since none of us really trust Eli, Brown is a great play at this price point.


C.J. Spiller (Bills) at Tampa Bay -- $6000 – Spiller is still incredibly cheap for the ability he brings to the table.  Buy him now because by the time we get to the $3.1 Million Grand Final he will be closer to $8K in cost.


LaGarrette Blount (Patriots) Vs. Cleveland -- $3300 – I am assuming that Stevan Ridley is inactive again this week which leaves the door open for Blount to get the most carries of any New England RB.  If the Pats get a big lead on the Browns we could see a ton of carries from Blount.

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Antonio Brown (Steelers) Vs. Miami -- $7600 – I love Antonio Brown.  The guy is targeted as much as any receiver in football and is at a very reasonable price point here this week.


DeSean Jackson (Eagles) Vs. Detroit -- $7000 – This is a complete upside play as I expect there to be a lot of scoring in the Eagles/Lions contest.  D-Jax is so due for a big game it is ridiculous and so I wouldn’t doubt it happening this week.


Keenan Allen (Chargers) Vs. N.Y. Giants -- $6800 – It’s like the world doesn’t want to accept Allen as a true WR1 but that is exactly what he is.  Find me 12 other WR’s who you trust week in and week out right now.  See…you can’t!


Torrey Smith (Ravens) Vs. Minnesota -- $6700 – Here comes the big game from Torrey Smith.  It’s a bit more than I would normally pay for him but I really love the matchup and feel him this week.


Steve Smith (Panthers) at New Orleans -- $5400 – Cam Newton will have a big game against the Saints and for $5400 I am willing to make Smith my WR3.


Andre Holmes (Raiders) at N.Y. Jets -- $3600 – If you’re looking to save some coin on WR this week than Holmes is your guy.  He erupted on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys and has an ever better draw this week in the Jets.  Denarius Moore is out once again leaving just Holmes and Rod Streater to start in this matchup.

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Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) Vs. Cleveland -- $8000 – Gronk is as good as it gets at the TE position these days.  If you want a sure thing this week, play Gronkowski.


Jordan Reed (Redskins) Vs. Kansas City -- $4600 – Obviously I am assuming he is playing this week after sitting out last week with a last minute head-ache.  The price is fantastic here on Reed just make sure you check with Fantasy Alarm 1.5 hours before gametime on Sunday.


Heath Miller (Steelers) Vs. Miami -- $3800 – I don’t know why Draft Kings doesn’t respect Miller but take advantage of it.


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