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Daily Fantasy Football: Draft Kings Picks Week 13

Daily Fantasy Football selections on Draft Kings for NFL Week 13 by Jeff Mans

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Once again there are a ton of values at the QB position on Draft Kings this weekend.  It has gotten to the point where it is almost foolish to spend top dollar on QB's as you can get incredibly similar production from players who are $1500-2500 cheaper.  Let's take a peek at some of the best plays for Week 13:

If Money Is Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Cam Newton (Panthers) Vs. Tampa Bay -- $8900 -- Cam should run and throw wild over the Bucs this week especially if Darrelle Revis is shut down. It's a hefty price but still could be a value if Cam goes off.

Robert Griffin III (Redskins) Vs. N.Y. Giants -- $8400 -- I only bring this up because it is very likely RGIII will have one of those big games that endears himself to Redskins Nation allowing them to forget the fact that he is at best an average NFL passer.

Discounted For Your Pleasure

Josh McCown (Bears) at Minnesota -- $6400 -- One of these days Draft Kings will stop factoring in McCown's tumultuous history and focus on what he is doing in this Bears offense. McCown is one of the best plays on Draft Kings week after week because he is a complete LOCK for 250 yards & 2 TD's each week.

E.J. Manuel (Bills) Vs. Atlanta -- $5900 -- Manuel is a sneaky play this week. He faces an impossibly bad Falcons defense, he's coming off a bye and he has his two best WR's returning from injury in Stevie Johnson & Robert Woods. You really can't beat that price for a starting QB this week.

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This is a special week in football as we legitimately could see the single game rushing record the guy who currently holds the record: Adrian Peterson.  The Vikings play the historically bad rush defense in the Chicago Bears this week and with Peterson recovered from a groin injury it should be a huge day for him.  Let's take a look at the other RB plays on Draft Kings this week:


Must Play Even For The Price

Adrian Peterson (Vikings) Vs. Chicago -- $8400 -- He not only could rush for 300+ yards this week but probably should.  The bare minimum here is 150 yards and a TD which would be a tremendous disappointment.  This is a once in a lifetime type of matchup so don't be the one who misses the boat.

Pricey But Worth It

Matt Forte (Bears) at Minnesota -- $8000 -- Forte is a total yardage dynamo and will be very active against the lowly Vikings defense.

Andre Brown (Giants) at Washington -- $7300 -- This play just got a heck of a lot better with the announcement that Brandon Jacobs will not play due to a knee injury.  Expect Brown to carry the rock 20+ times and rack up major yards against the soft Redskins rush defense.

Big Time Upside

C.J. Spiller (Bills) Vs. Atlanta -- $5600 -- Spiller should be fully recovered from his ankle injury suffered earlier this year.  Coming off a bye and going against the lowly Falcons, this should be Spiller's 2013 coming out party.

Giovanni Bernard (Bengals) at San Diego -- $5400 -- There is still some risk in playing Bernard in Daily Leagues because if the game gets out of hand he simply won't be on the field.  But I am expecting a competitive game and one that Bernard could get plenty of touches.

Clearance Rack

Ben Tate (Texans) Vs New England -- $4500 -- This could just as easily be Dennis Johnson who is $3800 this week but I am suspecting Tate rebounds this week. You should never underestimate a player who is playing for a contract.

Jonathan Stewart (Panthers) Vs. Tampa Bay -- $3100 -- DeAngelo Williams is highly questionable to play and Mike Tolbert is also banged up considerably.  Stewart could wind up being the only game in town for the Panthers as they run out the clock on Tampa Bay this weekend.


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To be honest with you guys, I don't have a very good read on the WR's this week.  That is not to say there aren't great plays because there are.  The trouble is outside of A.J. Green & Brandon Marshall there aren't a lot of sure things this week.  So, what I recommend is to lock in a few very steady performers who have good matchups but also who won't wet the bed completely.  Here are my top plays for the WR's this week:


If You're Spending It Here

Josh Gordon (Browns) Vs. Jacksonville -- $8000 -- Gordon is the least expensive of the very high end WR's this week and he just so happens to have the best matchup as well.

Pierre Garcon (Redskins) Vs N.Y. Giants -- $7000 -- Garcon is PPR gold and has a very good chance at catching a TD this week against the Giants.

Mid-Road Specialties

Alshon Jeffrey (Bears) at Minnesota -- $6400 -- When looking to save some coin on WR's you can always look opposite a high end WR to find a player who will see a ton of one-on-one coverage this week.

Keenan Allen (Chargers) Vs. Cincinnati -- $6100 -- Most are forgetting that the Bengals are without shutdown CB Leon Hall for the rest of the season.  I think the Chargers have a good chance at winning this game outright and Allen would be the guy to shine in such an upset.

Vincent Jackson (Buccaneers) at Carolina -- $5800 -- Why is V-Jax so low priced this week?  I have no idea but I appreciate Draft Kings giving us such a great value to put in ever lineup we do this week.

Steve Smith (Panthers) Vs. Tampa Bay -- $5100 -- As many of you know, I hate Steve Smith.  But I wouldn't be doing my job in helping you win money if I didn't point out that at just $5100 and going against a Darrelle Revis-less secondary, Smith wasn't a good play in Week 13.

Black Friday Shopping

Kenbrel Thompkins (Patriots) at Houston -- $3400 -- Thompkins once again claims the starting WR job with Aaron Dobson missing this game due to a foot injury. He's a good matchup play for a very low price this week.

Cordarrelle Patterson (Vikings) Vs. Chicago -- $3400 -- My partner Ted Schuster is all over this guy this week so I figured that I should throw him in here.  He is a high upside/low downside play for sure against the Bears.

Aldrick Robinson (Redskins) Vs. N.Y. Giants -- $3000 -- It's either a homerun or nothing for this speedy WR.

Rishard Matthews (Dolphins) at N.Y. Jets -- $3000 -- This is the exact type of game in which Matthews could have another multiple TD outing.

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As much as I love Rob Gronkowski this week, it is awfully tempting to drop down a bit and take a play making TE for significantly less money.  Let's take a peek at all of the good TE plays on Draft Kings this week:

How Can You Not?

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) at Houston -- $7400 -- When you compare what Gronk could do this week against the elite WR's he is a pretty good value.

Back On Track

Julius Thomas (Broncos) at Kansas City -- $5000 -- Thomas is expected to be active this week in a pivotal matchup against the Chiefs.  It's a bit of a gamble to wait for the later games in order to verify he is active but Draft Kings is the only site in which you can swap him out if he is not.

Jordan Reed (Redskins) Vs. N.Y. Giants -- $4500 -- Reed is also expected back from a concussion this week.  RGIII should have a big game and Reed could be the main benefactor against the Giants.

Jordan Cameron (Browns) Vs. Jacksonville -- $4100 -- Believe it or not but Brandon Weeden returning is a huge plus for Cameron and the Browns offense in general.  I am using Cameron even in a FLEX spot this week because of the tremendous value I see here.


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