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Daily Fantasy Football: Draft Kings Picks Week 12

Best daily fantasy football picks on Draft Kings for NFL week 12

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There are only two directions you should go with your QB's in Daily Fantasy Football.  The first is pay for the elite level guys in order to assure yourself of a great point base.  The other option is to save a ton of salary cap space and take a guy who will still get you 250+ yards and a couple of TD's in a good matchup.  Here are by top QB plays on Draft Kings for Week 12:

The Elite

Matthew Stafford (Lions) Vs Tampa Bay -- $9700 -- With Drew Brees having already gone, Stafford is the best bet left in the QB deck this week.

Cam Newton (Panthers) at Miami -- $8800 -- Saving $900 on a guy who could have 2 passing & rushing TD's in a given week is always a good idea.

In The Middle

Tom Brady (Patriots) Vs Denver -- $7200 -- Brady has all of his weapons back and is facing a weak Broncos secondary.  The Pats will also be forced to keep pace with the high octane Broncos offense which should lead to a nice stat line for Brady & company.

The Values

Scott Tolzien (Packers) Vs Minnesota -- $6700 -- Tolzien has been turnover prone in his first two games but has also throw for 619 yards in just 6.5 quarters of football.  A 300+ yard game with a couple of TD's is not farfetched whatsoever.

Josh McCown (Bears) at St. Louis -- $6200 -- McCown has been impressive filling in for the injured Jay Cutler this season. The Bears offense packs quite a punch with the likes of Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte given McCown plenty of weapons. He will come into this game with a 250 yards & 2 TD baseline from which to build upon.

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This is a rare week in Daily Fantasy Football where I am not strongly recommending playing the elite at RB.  There are so many good values that I think we're better off playing values with elite matchups here.  In fact the best play of the entire week is an incredibly valued RB that you will see here in my top RB plays on Draft Kings for Week 12:

Safest Bet

Frank Gore (49ers) at Washington -- $6300 -- The 49ers have the best offensive line in football and the Redskins have one of the worst defensive lines in football.  Frank Gore will gash the Redskins this week without any doubt.  While there is always the threat of Colin Kaepernick, Kendall Hunter or even Anthony Dixon stealing a short yardage TD from him, the price point here makes Gore an easy play this week.

Play Of The Week

Zac Stacy (Rams) Vs Chicago -- $6200 -- The only downside here is that everybody and their Mother will be using Stacy this week.  But it is an incredible matchup for a rookie that has been running hot since taking the reigns from Daryl Richardson back in week 5. He legitimately could run for over 200 yards if given enough carries on Sunday.

Also Good...

Rashad Jennings (Raiders) Vs Tennessee -- $5500 -- Jennings has brought stability to a backfield that has been in flux since the drafting of Darren McFadden. The Titans rush defense is far worse than their passing defense and thus the Raiders would be wise to attack via the ground.

Shane Vereen (Patriots) Vs Denver -- $5000 -- The Patriots will be throwing the ball a lot on Sunday Night and Verneen could rack up quite a bit of receptions. There is also the threat of Stevan Ridley fumbling again which would give Vereen some much needed carries as well.

Bargain Shopping

James Starks (Packers) Vs Minnesota -- $3000 -- My spidey sense is tingling that Starks is going to be more involved this week than any of us realize. The Packers will use the hot hand at RB and that could mean a big week for Starks.  Only play him though if you are loading up on elite level performers this week.

Roy Helu (Redskins) Vs San Francisco -- $3000 -- Same reasons as why Shane Vereen could have a big week.  The Redskins are going to play from behind for most of this game giving Helu an opportunity for some solid production.


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I am all about the elite level WR's this week.  We've got some outstanding matchups to take advantage of and thus this is where to spend your money in Week 12.  Here are my best WR plays on Draft Kings in Week 12:

The Be(a)st

Dez Bryant (Cowboys) at N.Y. Giants -- $8000 -- Dez could rip off 3 TD's this week against a terrible Giants secondary.  Lock it down!!

Still Great

Victor Cruz (Giants) Vs Dallas -- $7200 -- There will be plenty of scoring on New York this Sunday.  It is time for Cruz to go off as he has been way to quiet in recent weeks.  Forget about Ruben Randle and point your attention the Cruz this week.

Wes Welker (Broncos) at New England -- $6500 -- Former team alert!! You KNOW that Welker has had this game circled on his calendar all season long and he will finally get his opportunity at revenge on the team that wouldn't show him an ounce of respect this offseason.

Kendall Wright (Titans) at Oakland -- $5700 -- A PPR machine, Wright has the best matchup of anybody this weekend. He is that guy who everyone knows is a good play but lacks that sex appeal that puts him in Daily Fantasy Lineups.  Don't make that mistake!


Jarrett Boykin (Packers) Vs Minnesota -- $4400 -- Boykin is Tolzien's favorite target and has an outstanding matchup this week against the lowly Vikings.

Chris Givens (Rams) Vs Chicago -- $3600 -- Sure Givens has been a disappointment this season but its not over yet.  Kellen Clemens loves throwing to him and he could give you steady numbers this week against the Bears.

Rishard Matthews (Dolphins) Vs Carolina -- $3200 -- Tough matchup but a solid value play who could get in the endzone against this week.

David Nelson (Jets) at Baltimore -- $3000 -- Nelson is now a starter for the Jets and has been productive in his last 3 games.

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If you missed out on Jimmy Graham on Thursday fear not!  Rob Gronkowski still hasn't played and there are several very good options left at the TE position.  Here are my best TE plays on Draft Kings for Week 12:

No Brainer

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) Vs Denver -- $7900 -- If you believe the Patriots are going to be competitve against the Broncos on Sunday Night Football then you also must believe that Gronk is going to have himself quite a game.

Kind Of Amazing Values

Heath Miller (Steelers) at Cleveland -- $4000 -- I cannot believe how little respect Miller continues to get in Fantasy Football.  With Joe Haden on Antonio Brown this week, Miller will be a big target for Big Ben in Week 12.

Jordan Cameron (Browns) Vs Pittsburgh -- $3900 -- OK Draft Kings, Cameron has been off the past few weeks but $3900 is a ridiculous price for a TE that is still the center of his teams offense.


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