Are you an NBA fan?  Have you ever thought that you were smart enough to build a team that could defeat the likes of Chris Paul, Kevin Garnett or LeBron James?  Well your chance to prove it comes this Saturday November 9th thanks to Fanduel’s $1 Dribbler Contest. 

For just $1 Fanduel will give you $60,000 to finance your team.  You pick all of the players, you decide how you mold your squad and you can win up to $600 for that simple $1 investment. 


One of the biggest pitfalls to watch out for when playing Daily Fantasy Basketball is the back-to-back games.  It has become something of taboo in the NBA to play your superstars in back to back games these days which is a concern especially when 10 of the 18 teams playing Saturday are on the backend of a back to back.  This makes players like Paul George, Chris Paul & LeBron James even more valuable than usual.  Other superstars such as James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Deron Williams should be downgraded because of the quick turnaround. 


Of course the way to really cash in this weekend on Fanduel is to find yourself a couple of great value plays to fill your lineup so that you can afford the superstar players I mentioned above.  My short list of value plays for Saturday include PG Isaiah Thomas ($5400), SG James Anderson ($3600), SF Shawn Marion ($6500), PF Jason Maxiell ($3500) & C DeAndre Jordan ($7300). 

The only thing left to decide is how you are going to spend that $600 you win this week?  Sure you could take your best gal out on the town and hope that she accepts you and your sports loving ways.  Or you could take the cash, call all of your buddies and hit the strip club where you make it rain Pac-Man Jones style.  The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.  Buy your lady a nice little gift and be sure to explain to her how your brain won you this money by playing daily fantasy hoops.  She may begin to see that all the time you spend watching, reading and listening to sports can actually pay off big for both of you. 

Remember no matter who you select for your Fanduel $1 Dribbler Contest, make sure you check out our Daily NBA Lineups Page to make sure all of your players are indeed playing tonight.  Best of luck and remember to hit me up after you take home the big prize!!


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