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Now on with the show...

As boring as the pitching options are tonight I actually am very confident in the group I have put togehter here especially comapred ot the last two nights. Scott Kazmir and Jered Weaver are basically guaranteed wins (so stupid to EVER use "guarantee" in anything fantasy related but screw it) tonight. I am very comfortable with Madison Bumgarner and Hisashi Iwakuma as well and best of all is none of these starters witll break your budget. This is setting up to be a very competitive Friday across the DFS industry as a result of these options. 

My favorite stat or line of stats I should say that I came across today in running the numbers for this Playbook was from Dodgers 1B Adrian Gonzalez. I love to look at ballpark data and not that obvious "Coors Field = GOOD" bullshit but how do hitters fare at visiting ballparks over long periods of time. Earlier this year I won some major duckets using of all players Paul Konerko at Comerica Park in Detroit. Konerko was hitting .298/.369/.469, 16 HR & 62 RBI at the Tigers home ballpark which is ridiculous considering he had 439 AB's there and had to go against a VERY tough Tigers staff during that span. Well tonight Adrian Gonzalez is playing at Miller Park where he has hit .372/.444/.698 in 86 AB's with 7 HR and 20 RBI. This is Gonzalez best numbers of any visiting ballpark in which he has at least 50 PA's which is a reasonable sampel in my mind. Something to consider in building your lineups tonight for sure.

The only downfall tonight is that I really don't have a team or teams that I like enough to stack. If I had to I suppose that the Angels and the Indians would top the list but neither I am extremely enthused about this evening. Overall I really don't have any true big priced superstars in the Playbook tonight. That is a good thing my friends. This will weed out all of those who don't do the research (or trust someone who does) and just chase the big names and guess on values. These are the days that separate men from boys and winners from losers. 

With that is the DFS Playbook for August 8th:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Scott Kazmir P 8800 8700 6850
  Madison Bumgarner P 9700 9300 6800
  Hisashi Iwakuma P 9500 8900 6800
  Jered Weaver P 8400 7500 5900
  Buster Posey C 4500 3700 5150
  Jason Castro C 4000 3000 4350
  Alex Avila C 3400 2500 4000
  Adrian Gonzalez 1B 3800 3300 5100
  Matt Adams 1B 3700 2900 5000
  Ike Davis 1B 3200 2300 4450
  Jason Kipnis 2B 4400 3700 5150
  Aaron Hill 2B 4000 3000 4850
  Kristopher Negron 2B/3B 2500 2800 3500
  Adrian Beltre 3B 4400 3600 5300
  Aramis Ramirez 3B 4300 3400 5000
  Trevor Plouffe SS 3800 3000 4850
  Danny Santana SS/OF 4000 3800 4750
  Everth Cabrera SS 3900 2500 4400
  Michael Brantley OF 5200 3700 5400
  Hunter Pence OF 5200 4000 5200
  Kole Calhoun OF 3600 3300 5000
  Nick Markakis OF 4400 3000 4650
  Jay Bruce OF 4000 2900 4550
  David Murphy OF 3900 2700 4800
  Gerardo Parra OF 3600 2400 4750
  Marc Krauss OF/1B 2400 2200 3950


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Great call on AGon. Easily won 50/50 in DK... and with my AJones pick, could've won some tourneys if I entered but can't complain. Salvaged a key win in FD with AGon's 11 points despite my Strasburg pick.


thanks for the Adrian Gonzalez note tonight

Jeff Mans 

JAso is OK....Vogt has been awful lately.

Hugo Hugasian 

Robinson Chironis is also out of the line-up.. Jeff, That just leaves Posey... Do you think Jaso or Vogt are good fillers?

Hugo Hugasian 

FYI.... Willin Rosario is out of the line-up for tonight.. Adjust accordingly..

Hugo Hugasian 

Jeff, This is why you are the DF professional and I am a Police officer. LOL.. Good Looks bro.. Going to WDW in Oct.. Not so scary Halloween.. Kids are gonna go nuts.. lol.. Good luck everyone..

Jeff Mans 

Hugo, Brother...WDW in the summertime is BRUTAL!! Prices, lines and humidity is off the charts. But I get where you are at... Garrett Jones barely missed out on the Playbook tonight mostly due to a low expected run total for the Marlins in general. Freeman has great BvP against Strasburg the fact that is an elite pitcher with high K output combined with a relatively high price isn't a strong case for Freeman tonight. If you recall I used span in these pages a lot 4-8 days ago but his price is now pretty high for his skill set. He offers ZERO power and low X-base opportunity as well. This will keep his output from reaching that next level of a Kole Calhoun, Hunter Pence or Michael Brantley. The Playbook is always maximizing output for dollar spent based on all of the variables we toss in... Hope this helps and good luck tonight!!

Jeff Mans 

Nick, Polanco is a very solid play tonight as well. I like him back at the top of the lineup as he now enters that triple threat (HR/SB/R) category.

Hugo Hugasian 

I am looking around and I am noticing that Garret Jones numbers are pretty good. So are Freddie Freeman and Denard Span.. Span especially. He's been a BEAST as of late. What are your thoughts? I also think that the CLE stack is going to be killer. Let me know what you think.. Gotta pay for a trip to WDW. lol.. Good Luck everyone..


Thanks for the great article Jeff! I built my lineup and have 3500 left on FD. What do you think about Palanco tonight? Last 8 games for him have been great, plus he's batting 2nd with a left/right matchup.

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