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Despite the complaint about Jose Abreu yesterday (he went 2-3 with 2 RBI) we will continue to march through unreasonable expectations in today's DFS Playbook. A full slate of games is wonderful to those of us who put in the work and let the numbers point us toward the best plays of the day. 

You will notice that I have Clayton Kershaw THIRD on the list of pitchers tonight and thus I should address this directly. I absolutely love Kershaw tonight and any night for that matter. The minor issue here is that he is extremely expensive (14,100/12,600/7800) and does have one of the tougher matchup in the Angels tonight. Also, Felix Hernandez saves you a lot of money, is also one of the best pitchers in the league and is at home with a great matchup. I list Charlie Morton second today because I am being real. Most nights we can figure out a way to get two stud arms in our DraftKings lineups but not tonight with these prices. So, the best bet is to select which stud you prefer (Felix or Kershaw) and pair them with a vlaue play (Morton or Keuchel). I am prepared for the "you like Charlie Morton more than Clayton Kershaw" remarks tonight so save your breath and eat a bag of dicks while you are at it. 

If we're talking stacks tonight the team I like the most is the Chicago Cubs. It is not just because they are at Coors Field either. The Cubs have the city of Chicago and MLB buzzing today with the call up of Javier Baez who is in the lineup and hitting second. I don't have Baez in the Playbook because his price is already way too high ($4,000...really!?) compared to his body of work or lack thereof. But the Cubs are good against LHP and have been hitting the ball well as of late (.328 wOBA in past 7 games). Other stacks to consider are the Orioles and the White Sox.

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Here is the DFS Playbook for August 5th:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Felix Hernandez P 12700 11100 7600
  Charlie Morton P 6400 6800 6250
  Clayton Kershaw P 14100 12600 7800
  Dallas Keuchel P 6600 8000 6550
  Wilin Rosario C 4000 2800 4750
  Jason Castro C 4000 3200 4650
  Dioner Navarro C 3800 3400 4900
  Jose Abreu 1B 5500 4800 6100
  Jonathan Singleton 1B   3300 4150
  Matt Adams 1B 3800 2800 5000
  Ben Zobrist 2B 4500 4100 5000
  Jedd Gyorko 2B 3700 2900 4500
  Yangervis Solarte 2B/3B 3300 3300 4650
  Manny Machado 3B 4300 3400 4850
  Josh Harrison 3B 4500 3800 5200
  Danny Santana SS 4000   4500
  Elvis Andrus SS 4300 2600 4900
  Yasiel Puig OF 5000 4100 5800
  Alex Rios OF 4200 2800 4900
  Adam Jones OF 4600 4200 5550
  Denard Span OF 4600 3400 4800
  Adam Eaton OF 5000 3600 4800
  Rajai Davis OF 4200 3200 4950
  Juan Lagares OF 3300 2200 4300
  Drew Stubbs OF 4500 3600 4950


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What an awful, awful fantasy baseball day. You know things are going bad when Caleb Joseph is the only pick you have that does anything....Hou and CWS really crapped the bed...maybe they ate that bad of dicks everyone is talking about. Can't win every night, here's looking forward to tomorrow!


Stroke of luck.... So glad I went Cueto and Duffy... HORRID losing streak all but put me bankrupt, pure luck.... Just cannot even begin to begin to express the humility getting this luck makes someone

Dougie S 

Best line of the year: "save your breath and eat a bag of dicks". These are the best daily fantasy articles around. Keep up the good work


Jeff, Great articles and I even listened to you on demand today at work. (last night late show) Quick question, when you do your multiple entries into different cash games / tourneys each night do you use the same line-ups? I know for the cash and tourney you probably tweak them, but I didn't know if you altered 1-2 players for each cash game you do, or ride with the same lineup. (basically you win most or lose most) Thanks!

Jeff Mans 

Justin...hate Duffy honestly. He is living off of fumes this year. Walk rate WAY too high and BABIP absolutely lowest it can be...there will be regression here soon and on the road in HR friendly ballpark with 3 aces going tonight is just not the spot for me.


Thoughts on Duffy? No love for COL stack? What about a Cueto/Felix pair and then using cheap plays to make it work? If you like this, what is the one spot you would spend? Blackmon? Not on the playbook but at home against Wood!? haha


Barnes is batting 7th for COL, only $2800 on DK, good punt play at Coors vs Travis "Flyball" Wood

Jeff Mans 

Sean...How about a FD lineup like this: Felix Rosario Singleton Joe Panik Elvis Andrus Machado Puig Rios Lagares Leaving some $ on the table but feel this is pretty strong. Panik is off the Playbook but hitting 2nd tonight

Jeff Mans 

Kenneth...best punt play there is Marisnick though I'd consider downgrading elsewhere maybe and get up to the Lagares/Campbell/Taveras territory.

Kenneth Le 

Need a punt play at OF on DraftKings. Only 2600 to work with, are we going with Marisnick, Sierra, Negron, Robertson, or Perez?

Sean Cedar 

Man, hard to get a FD lineup in today with Felix. Couldn't get any of the big bats to go with him.

Joey Ligs 

Side note: I need a "Day in the Life of Jeff Mans" and I needed it yesterday.


LOL...have to make sure people are paying attention every now and then!!

Joey Ligs 

"...so save your breath and eat a bag of dicks while you are at it" Just coughed up my lunch reading that. Hilarious.

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I feel bad for the #Dolphins players and fans....

J.J. Watt is really, really good at football. #Texans

@AlZeidenfeld Hasn't been in the entire drive....

@QuazillionaireK No you wanted to take Manziel...I've been against him forever. Had him in playbook as GPP only extreme value play.