The team here at Fantasy Alarm are always working hard to give you the best fantasy sports products available. Today we are testing some new formats for the DFS Playbook in order to potentially get this out sooner on a daily basis. Please bare with us over the next few days as you might see some unusual formats and even some formatting mistakes. Trust me though's for the best.

I love DFS as much as anybody but tonight's slate is just plain bad. There are only six games this evening and although we have a couple solid arms on the hill, the bats leave a lot to the imagination. If you use Max Scherzer though you are going to have a hard time piecing together enough quality bats to form a winning lineup. That is why I like more games. For one it confuses the weaker players a lot more and it also rewards those who put in the work by researching all of the numbers for each matchup. Afteer all, that is what the DFS Playbook is all about. 

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Monday August 4th:

Player Pos DraftKings Fanduel Aces
Corey Kluber P 9,800 10,200 6,900
Max Scherzer P 11,700 10,900 7,000
Alex Cobb P 8,100 8,500 6,600
Devin Mesoraco C 4,100 3,300 5,300
Tyler Flowers C 3,700 2,900 4,450
Miguel Cabrera 1B 5,600 4,900 6,000
Jose Abreu 1B 5,500 4,800 6,100
Ben Zobrist 2B 4,300 4,100 5,000
Jason Kipnis 2B 4,500 3,800 5,150
Ramon Santiago 2B 2,600 2,200 3,900
Adrian Beltre 3B 4,600 3,700 5,550
Evan Longoria 3B 4,400 3,600 3,950
Lonnie Chisenhall 3B 3,600 2,700 4,600
Elvis Andrus SS 4,100 2,600 4,900
Jose Ramirez SS 2,500 2,300 3,500
Brett Gardner OF 5,300 4,200 5,250
Yasiel Puig OF 5,200 4,100 5,800
Adam Eaton OF 4,800 3,600 4,800
Jacoby Ellsbury OF 4,500 4,000 5,300
David Murphy OF 3,500 2,500 4,700
Matt Joyce OF 3,700 3,000 4,800
Jim Adduci OF/1B 2,900 2,300 3,500


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No, you hit Ramirez AND Murphy, the Playbook was on fire again last night. I'm just saying I wish you ranked them as far as your feeling toward must play given probability of breakout night/value or cost instead of just salary. Everywhere I read had the higher cost/safer/more expensive guys over Murph and Jose which left me not pulling the trigger despite being on the edge all day. Nonetheless, we suck if we cannot take the already compiled studs on the night so certainly not throwing hatred. Anyhow, where did I miss on Richards!? Dodger not that fearsome (run differential weakish)? Richards now officially in King Felix must start territory?

Jeff Mans 

Justin, Wait, what!?! Sorry Cobb missed but all I can do is uncover the players who have the best statistical probability for success on a given night. I do "rank" them in that the players listed first (usually the highest price guys as it turns out) are the one's that I trust most for that given day. On another note...Abreu was 2-3 with 2 I mean what else do you want from a brutha!!


Smardja was brutal again. JMans was right on him that is for sure. He just looks different. So does Hammel. Maybe they A's pitch coaches are asking them to do things differently.


Abreu and Cobb were brutal, even worse was that they cornered be into Santiago and Andrus which garnered me 24 pts on ~18,000. Or 19 less than Garrett Richards. Richards and CLE stack would have been the most ideal advice it seems. That said, you did hit Flowers, Ramirez, and Chisenhall...I wish there was a way you would rank each position.


Went Cobb, fingers crossed.... I agree that trading Cespedes and having Crisp out makes that team much less fear inducing. I hate take a road pitcher but the K potential is high enough, caution to the wind!

Jeff Mans 

Hugo, appreciate the sentiments Brother! But you do realize that we are still on SiriusXM every single night, right? You can download that show On Demand any time you like as well in case you can't stay up. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!


Thanks big guy. Let's kill it today. By the way, can't believe XM dropped the FA. I understand that it's almost pigskin time but DFS is still alive and kicking. Let's do a podcast for the FA. Hmmm something to contemplate.

Jeff Mans 

At 4400 on DK I like Ellsbury (4500) or if you have to be under Bryce Harper is only 4300 and barely missed Playbook level tonight.

Jeff Mans 

I put in Cobb as a tournament play because so many will be on Samardzija. The A's bats are ice cold right now and JS hasn't had the same K numbers since coming to the AL.

Jeff Mans 

Joey, Carrera is a solid punt option tonight. I do like ANYONE hitting in front of Miggy so definitely solid

Hugo. Usmc1833 

Need some OF help on DK. I have 4400 to spend. I was thinking Zobrist or Moss. What do u think? Any other names that might be better? Thanks in advance. Good luck today everyone.


Alright, need those batters against those pitchers tonight! haha Why no love for Jeff going against an average TB lineup? I would like to save the money and go to Cobb instead of him, but at home against TB's lineup seems more enticing than a road matchup against OAK's offense which typically pours it on when at home. That said, Cobb might be the hottest pitcher in baseball right now... torn... I just cannot find the money to get all these bats in there, would you say having Brantley, Gardner, or Kipnis in your lineup is most important?

Joey Ligs 

Rajai Davis is out of the lineup tonight. I think Ezequiel Carrera is a nice play tonight as he replaces Davis in center field. He'll bat 2nd in the order in front of Miggy and V-Mart, so he is bound to see some good pitches. Also, he's dirt cheap on DraftKings at $2,400...which is much needed tonight when using the expensive arms.

Jeff Mans 

Justin, A little bit but you shouldn't be worried about the pitchers there anyways. There is about a 50% chance of a delay in that game but about 90% chance that they indeed play the whole game. Storms are scattered and as I sit here on the north side of Chicago it doesn't seem bad at all...

Jeff Mans 

Nice catch Rick (and others) on the pricing issues. As I mention this is a work in progress but we should be all good now. Any other issues do not hesitate to let me know


Is the weather at the White Sox slightly or very concerning!?

Rick Smith 

Hi, Jeff, It looks like you switched columns about after the pitchers for the pricing on Fanduel and Fantasy Aces. I was able to figure it out but some of your "not as smart" followers might be a little confused. :) Good luck tonight! Rick from Ohio

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