Shorter slate for the evening games tonight as just 9 of 15 games are included in the playbook today. This takes a couple of the best pitchers off of the board and leaves us with just Madison Bumgarner and Yu Darvish to choose from among aces. As you will see I am not 100% confident in Darvish especially considering his price tag. 

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Wednesday July 23rd:

Player Pos DraftKings Fanduel Aces
Madison Bumgarner P 9,500 9,000 6,800
Jesse Chavez P 7,600 7,600 6,200
Ian Kennedy P 8,300 7,500 6,300
Yu Darvish P 11,800 11,400 7,350
J.P. Arencibia C 3,300 2,500 3,950
Dioner Novarro C 3,300 2,700 4,600
Freddie Freeman 1B 4,900 3,400 5,000
David Ortiz 1B 5,200 3,900 5,400
Matt Adams 1B 4,100 3,100 5,200
Neil Walker 2B 4,300 3,500 4,850
Arismendy Alcantara 2B 3,900 2,900 4,000
Tommy La Stella 2B 3,400 2,800 4,100
Pablo Sandoval 3B 4,800 3,300 5,300
Josh Harrison 3B 3,500 2,700 4,500
Jose Reyes SS 4,600 3,400 5,350
Stephen Drew SS 3,300 2,700 4,400
Jacoby Ellsbury OF 4,700 4,100 5,300
Hunter Pence OF 5,000 3,600 5,150
Christian Yelich OF 4,000 3,600 4,800
Matt Joyce OF 3,900 3,100 4,800
Chris Coghlan OF 4,200 3,200 4,400
Scott Van Slyke OF 3,600 2,800 4,400
Carlos Quentin OF 3,600 2,200 4,300


For more information on how to use the DFS Playbook or how to form your own general DFS strategy, check out our DFS Strategies section of the Fantasy Alarm website. 


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