RIP DraftStreet...2010-2014

It has been nearly a week since we have produced a DFS Playbook. In that time we've seen the #3 DFS site (DraftStreet) gobbled up by the #2 DFS site (DraftKings) in a move that is shocking yet should be good in the long run for DFS players. There is a lot to say about this acquisition but this is not the time nor the place. We need LINEUPS!! 

I would be lying if I didn't say that I felt a little rusty this morning when I began going through my research. One of the things I love to use in daily fantasy baseball are hitters who are just heating up. After four days with no baseball, everybody is now at a zero balance which makes it more difficult. 

So today we are going to use a lot of historical numbers as well as some players who present great upside for the value they present. We're looking at guys who are hitting higher in the lineup and offer multiple HR or SB potential. Check back here throughout the evening right up until roster lock. 

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Friday July 18th:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings Aces
Stephen Strasburg P 9,700 10,500 6,900
Madison Bumgarner P 8,800 9,500 6,800
Bartolo Colon P 7,600 7,300 6,300
Ian Kennedy P 7,700 8,600 6,300
Wilin Rosario C 3,300 4,200 4,750
Devin Mesoraco C 3,500 4,200 5,300
Stephen Vogt C 2,700 3,300 4,500
Jose Abreu 1B 4,400 5,200 6,000
David Ortiz 1B 3,900 5,200 5,400
Matt Adams 1B 3,300 4,300 5,200
Robinson Cano 2B 4,500 5,100 5,750
Arismendy Alcantara 2B 2,700 3,700 3,500
Ramon Santiago 2B/SS 2,400 2,200 3,700
Pablo Sandoval 3B 3,000 4,100 5,200
Todd Frazier 3B 4,100 4,400 5,100
Cody Asche 3B 2,500 3,400 4,650
Alexei Ramirez SS 2,800 3,900 4,650
Andrelton Simmons SS 2,700 3,700 4,750
Jordy Mercer SS 2,900 3,000 4,100
Giancarlo Stanton OF 4,500 5,300 5,400
Andrew McCutchen OF 5,200 5,800 5,850
Jay Bruce OF 3,500 4,500 5,000
Juan Lagares OF 2,400 3,300 4,300
Chris Coghlan OF 3,100 3,900 4,400
David Peralta OF 3,300 3,700 4,000
Oswaldo Arcia OF 2,800 3,600 4,400


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@sisler..nights not over yet, but not looking good. $5 double ups have 223 people. and $10 double ups have 112 people. and you were right choo sucked. wasnt big on him either,but the rotogrinders said they liked him tonight because he was hot b4 break and he fit perfect at that salary. and there was nobody else in the playbook around that salary. and yes, i used every bit of my salary!!


@ me that looks like a pretty good line up the only person I don't like is choo but that's it's me everytime I use him he does bad lol I think u will win tonight how bid is the double up u r in and did u use all ur salary

me again 

starsburg, vogt, laroche, alcantra, sandoval, shoo choo, j bruce, g stanton


Whats ur lineup look like tonight


@me I think u should try playing on draft kings, I like it better than fan dual

me again 


Jeff Mans 

Ender Inciarte is OUT of the lineup tonight and thus has been subbed for Oswaldo Arcia in the Playbook tonight.


What site are you playing on "me again"?

me again 

i read the "how to use DFS playbook, but my question is how do I build i lineup. i have been getting hammered and im thinking maybe even though im using people from the playbook, that maybe im going about building a lineup the wrong way. i normally start with the pitcher then try to fit in as many people as i can from the playbook according to salary.

the other guy 


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