A couple of things before we get down on it on this Wednesday afternoon. First of all, I appreciate all of your support for the DFS Playbook and especially your feedback. You guys wanted the Playbook up sooner and so it it done. But in order to not sacrifice the magic recipe that has all of us winning day after day, we are going to be posting an early edition Monday-Saturday and then follow it up about 1.5 hours before the slate of games with a supplement that will focus on value plays only. This way you guys can build your lineups early and make a quick adjustment if need be later on. Again, we appreciate your feedback on the Playbook and ask you to keep it coming. Post your thoughts underneath in the "comments" section or tweet to me directly (@Jeff_Mans). 

Also, remember that if you create a new account RIGHT now over at DraftKings ($10 minimum) using our link here, you will receive a FREE 2014 Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Football Draft Guide, NFL Assistant GM In-Season Package and our COMPLETE DFS tools for this coming fantasy football season. 

Moving on, yesterday was a bad day. Ted did a good job with the Playbook and all of his research but things just didn't work out the way they normally do. For you new readers this is an important lesson in sticking with the program and believing in what you are doing. No system will ever work out if you punt it after one or even a few bad days. The fact of the matter is that yesterday was the first official losing day the DFS Playbook has had since June 9th. Tonight we get after it again and ride like stallions back into glory!!

What ruined us yesterday was pitching. Julio Teheran, Madison Bumgarner and Wily Peralta each made a mess in their respective underpants. Tonight we pay for two of the best pitchers in the in Chris Sale and Yu Darvish. I am in "building backroll" mode and can promise you that the players below will help you crush your 50/50's (double ups) tonight.

Remember if you need more information on how to use the DFS Playbook or how to form your own general DFS strategy, check out our DFS Strategies section of the Fantasy Alarm website.

Here is the DFS Playbook for Wednesday July 9th:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces
Chris Sale P 10,400 11,800 24,098 7,150
Yu Darvish P 11,400 12,400 25,638 7,350
Lance Lynn P 7,700 8,900 16,003 6,000
Roenis Elias P 6,300 8,100 13,989 5,600
Brian McCann C 3,100 3,600 5,863 4,400
John Jaso C 2,900 3,600 5,863 4,400
Stephen Vogt C 2,500 2,800 4,649 4,100
Freddie Freeman 1B 4,200 4,700 7,810 5,300
Matt Adams 1B 3,400 4,000 6,354 5,200
Ryan Howard 1B 2,800 3,600 5,365 4,350
Robinson Cano 2B 4,200 5,300 9,339 5,750
Brian Roberts 2B 2,800 3,600 5,365 4,350
Neil Walker 2B 2,900 3,700 5,914 4,600
Adrian Beltre 3B 4,700 5,200 8,044 5,650
Kyle Seager 3B 3,600 4,600 7,059 5,500
Manny Machado 3B 3,300 4,400 6,760 4,500
Andrelton Simmons SS 2,700 3,700 5,114 4,750
Jordy Mercer SS 2,900 3,000 4,181 4,100
Carlos Gomez OF 3,700 4,600 8,099 5,250
Jason Heyward OF 2,900 3,900 4,978 4,850
Michael Brantley OF 3,900 4,500 9,088 5,350
Billy Hamilton OF 4,100 4,400 6,990 5,400
Curtis Granderson OF 3,600 4,100 6,289 5,000
Chris Coghlan OF 2,800 3,000 4,956 3,500
Oscar Taveras OF 2,200 3,500 4,468 3,850


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@me hope ur listening today Jeff was talkin about u


thanks jeff for putting the playbook up earlier. that was the only complaint i had was sometimes not enough time to put together lineup. again thanks and keep doing what ur doing .it is appreciated.


@me have u ever tried using draftkings, it's my site of choice, but here's another helpful hint try and use ppl that r under the radar like check out Chris coughlan he has had double digits for the most part for the last 10 games and on draft kings he is 3k they havnt adjusted his price for his hot streak. Like Steve Pearce i used him for weeks before they fixed his price


@ FA.. sorry looks like just monday was 223 players, most of them have 112 players.. and its fanduel.. i do send sometimes via twitter. but like i said most of the time it looks good and yall and i think it will be good because the players i have are also in the playbook. but somehow im not using the right mix or something. not a big deal. hopefully i find something that works before the money runs out!! lol.. thanks for yall trying to help!!


@sisler..just this season. i do listen to them also. faithfully. and write down everybody they say and try to compare it to the playbook. but jeff once wrote me saying that too much info is sometimes bad. so now i only play the people they say in their top 3 that are also in the playbook. i get that im new and i wont win right away but ive dropped about $400 already and if i lose the $200 i put in this time, i will be done!!


Johnny Richardson, Nah man we take ALL feedback (positive & negative) very seriously. It's important to us to build the tools and provide the info that actually helps people win. Many others kinda just like to hear themselves talk and sound smart....IMO


Sisler is the fricking MAN!! The Grinders do a good job also for sure.


Me, I totally feel ya man. I have been in a similar situation before and one of the reasons that once I found my formula I had to put it out there to help others. I think the key is like Sean says to play in the higher double ups which is sounds like you are doing. But what site are you playing at? The 223 player double ups is an odd number that doesn't sound like DK, FD or DS? If you are playing elsewhere let me know and I will try breaking that scoring code for you. I think the safest route for you right now is just using the absolute BEST pitchers possible each night. Then, use two of the biggest upside hitters as well. Then we will need to find the value plays that have the highest floors possible. This formula is pretty basic but it will get you in the top half of the contests on the regular. Hit me us on Twitter or Facebook if you can with your lineup and I can help you make adjustments until you get into a groove.


@ME how long have u been playing daily for it took me a long time to win most of my 50/50 I wouldn't give up on it yet also listen to the grinder right before the fantasy alarm they give out good info too


Other Guy, How about you swap out the Diet Coke for some Dr. Pepper or if you are watching your figure Dr. Pepper 10? That is livin!!


Karle, That is hilarious!! So low scoring but at least you had a shot!


i play in the $5.00 double ups that are 223 players and $10.00 which are i think 112 players. but thats the ones with the most people at that range that i see, unless im missing something. not sure what the higher dollar value ones have but thats as high as i really can go expecially if im going with using the 10% of bankroll that they say to use. dont get me wrong, i think this book is great and it has helped me win many nights. i just cant get over the hump of winning at 50% and 63%. maybe cuz im losing to you who are using it right!! lol... oh well, thanks for putting in the hard work fantasy alarm guys!!! this daily stuff must not be for me!!


The guy that posted under ME I think ur problem might be that u r not joining the double ups with over 100 ppl in them. I use the playbook everyday , and win about 75% of the time . And the extra money that I win I use to join qualifiers for $200 tickets

Johnny richardson 

Thanks Jeff. I cant believe a site that pays attention to the feedback it receives. I expected to just be blown off on my comment of getting the plays up earlier. Nice job. Johnny


start by saying i appricate the plavbook, love that yall do this for free. and know you wont get it right everyday. that being said i am not able to win at 50% rate in double ups and 63% rate in 50/50's. which means i am not profitting. everyday i make sure that everybody in my line up is from the PB. so i take playbook, and use what yall say in the radio show to get best projected player in and use the playbook to fit in salaries elsewhere. should i maybe just take a few from PB and mix with others that arent in playbook? i know this sounds dumb but i have to do something different than what im doing now. i guess what im saying is that yall keep saying that the playbook is raking in money but i dont see the results from using the playbook as yall do. but i know there are some great plays at time in it. how do i fix that?

the other guy 

Nah FD. These clowns know ZERO about baseball they just tryin to beat me to fire off jokes! Im stuck workin need you to pull me through. Im gonna stop at the store get a handle of captain and 1 can of diet coke, lock myself in the basement away from the nagging and watch you light this board up!

Karle Harriston 

Yesterday was rough!! I lost a head to head 14-10!! LOL


I got you my Brutha...what site are you playing on? I am assuming $270 is DK?

the other guy 

Jeff, I need you to get focused tonight im in a private league with my friends and their tryin to pop me off for 270! All I gotta do is beat 3 guys come on man! I got to many kids and kids moms to feed! Light up the board!

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