For those of you who deal with a hangover better than most, this Playbook is for you! Today is what they call a "Tri-Slate" in that there are three different sets of games you can choose to play. This made it quite difficult in putting together the Playbook without overwhleming you with names or playing favorites to any one slate. 

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Here is the DFS Playbook for Saturday July 5th:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet
Felix Hernandez P 11,500 12,600 24,866
Gio Gonzalez P 8,700 10,800 20,313
Tim Hudson P 7,700 8,600 18,181
Aaron Harang P 6,800 6,800 13,050
Miguel Montero C 3,200 4,000 6,239
Derek Norris C 3,400 3,600 6,031
Mike Zunino C 3,000 3,200 4,986
Freddie Freeman 1B 4,000 4,700 7,394
Adam LaRoche 1B 3,400 4,700 7,394
Garrett Jones 1B 2,800 3,700 6,216
Chase Utley 2B 3,500 4,300 7,051
Tommy La Stella 2B 2,700 3,400 5,624
Ryan Flaherty 2B/3B 2,500 3,000 N/A
Anthony Rendon 3B 3,900 4,500 7,258
Pedro Alvarez 3B 3,100 3,800 7,160
Lonnie Chisenhall 3B 3,600 3,800 7,174
Hanley Ramirez SS 4,500 5,100 9,595
Andrelton Simmons SS 2,400 3,700 4,756
Yasiel Puig OF 3,800 5,700 8,844
Matt Kemp OF 3,100 4,600 6,241
Jay Bruce OF 3,400 4,300 5,555
Khris Davis OF 3,700 4,000 5,813
Ender Inciarte OF 2,400 2,500 4,695
Kole Calhoun OF 3,800 4,100 6,335
Justin Ruggiano OF 3,100 3,600 4,995


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Jeff Mans 

Johnny, I feel you man and we are not going to have the Playbook up by at least 3 PM ET everyday and hopefully even sooner very shortly. The key is our special recipe relies on umpire, weather and lineup data that isn't ideal until later in the day. But we are working on automating what we can and adjusting it throughout the day in order to give our readers the basic info as early as possible. Thanks for the comment and trust me when I say that your feedback means the world to us.

Johnny richardson 

Maybe one day it will get put out early enough in the day to actually be used. Rotogrinders work has been out and available to be used for hours. Johnny 7/7/14

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