I don't like day baseball in DFS. It just doesn't allow enough time for proper preparation before the games begin. Thus, once again tonight I am focusing on the evening slate where the DFS Playbook has been absolutely on fire. 

Earlier today I wrote an article explaining exactly how to use this DFS Playbook. So, for more information on how to use the DFS Playbook or how to form your own general DFS strategy, check out our DFS Strategies section of the Fantasy Alarm website.

I will spare you all of the boasting and banter since all that you really care about are the players and because I have the Fantasy Alarm Daily Show beginning in 20 minutes. Best of luck to all of you tonight!

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces
Julio Teheran P 9,200 10,000 23,200 6,550
Cole Hamels P 9,000 10,600 20,256 6,600
Adam Wainwright P 11,000 11,500 24,545 7,500
Charlie Morton P 7,200 8,600 14,558 6,400
Miguel Montero C 3,200 4,000 6,367 4,750
Chris Iannetta C 2,900 3,500 6,780 4,300
Anthony Rizzo 1B 3,500 5,200 7,557 5,150
Chris Davis 1B 3,200 5,400 6,046 4,900
C.J. Cron 1B 3,100 3,800 5,748 4,700
Dustin Pedroia 2B 3,200 4,400 5,878 4,950
Jeff Baker 2B 2,200 3,100 3,960 3,450
Adrian Beltre 3B 4,400 5,100 8,224 5,450
Pedro Alvarez 3B 3,400 3,800 7,483 4,750
David Freese 3B 2,400 3,600 4,989 4,200
Jimmy Rollins SS 2,800 4,000 6,029 4,750
Alexei Ramirez SS 3,000 3,700 6,215 4,650
Mike Trout OF 5,800 6,000 9,943 6,250
Giancarlo Stanton OF 5,200 5,600 9,109 5,800
Steve Pearce OF 3,500 4,300 7,566 4,750
Ben Revere OF 3,000 3,800 6,221 4,500
Collin Cowgill OF 2,500 3,400 5,908 4,200
Chris Coghlan OF 2,200 2,600 3,281 3,500


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A walk and a steal isn't exactly what I was after with Stanton tonight for sure. The Marlins at home against lefties have been great this year and I felt like Stanton would have been in the center of their output tonight. Pedroia was money tonight though and Alvarez getting PH for really bit the big one. Gotta admit though...many names on this list had BIG nights once again... PLAYBOOK POWER!!


Facing Cole Hamels has to lower his studly abilities some, no? He can do what he wants when he wants to, but paying top dollar facing an ace is not smart, right??? Pedoria would need a multi-hit game to matter, no? His power nor speed is still in existence and thus being STUDLY is not easy, even with the great matchup? Alvarez HR ensured was bold, IMO given Chase's reverse splits, but 33 bombs against righties last season makes sense.

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