...And we're back. After celebrating all weekend our victories in Fanduel's DFBC Qualifier and StarStreet's PFBC Qualifier we have sobered up and are ready to keep the train rolling this week. Tonight we have major weather concerns especially in Chicago where I would like to put several Angels and White Sox in the Playbook but simply cannot. I live about an hour from U.S. Cellular Field and the local township came to my door this afternoon to tell us to "be prepared for dangerous wind and rain" this evening. So that game is off the table for me. 

If you are looking to stack tonight, the obvious team to target is the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles are going to crush Joe Saunders tonight and you might as well climb aboard becuae this could get ugly. A sneaky stack tonight would be the Tampa Bay Rays who are starting to catch fire and could knock out David Phelps early this evening. 

Let's get to it. Here is the DFS Playbook for Monday June 30th:


If this DFS Playbook...

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