A new week begins here at the DFS Playbook. Last week at this time we were simply preparing you for another short card in DFS and looking ahead to some of the bigger contests later on in the week. Well if you used the Playbook and followed the advice posted on these very pages you would have won some big money last week. Wednesday through Friday alone the Playbook profited over $27,802 (not including tickets, etc). The vast majority of that cash came over on DraftKings where we were able to lock down a golden ticket for Friday night's main event in which we finished just 1 single point away from advancing to the $100,000 round on Saturday. 

I don't say this as a "look at me" type of thing rather a "DFS Playbook REALLY works" sort of thing. These players are sorted out for you on a daily basis. The hard work is already done and all that separates you from cashing in is the act of forming your lineup with the players listed in the Playbook. 

Tonight is a good night to use the stacking approach to DFS especially if you are in one of the crowded tournaments. The best stack tonight in my opinion are the Seattle Mariners going into Yankee Stadium to face David Phelps. If you wanted to go real contrarian however I think stacking the Pirates wouldn't be a bad idea either. You can fit a lot of Bucs in there and still have enough left over for Kershaw and Garza as your startin pitchers. 

It was suggested over the weekend that we actually give a lineup or two out every day. While I have no problem doing that it does make me wonder just how lazy ya'll are becoming...lol. So, without further delay here is the DFS Playbook for Monday June 2nd. Complete with a Fanduel & DraftKings lineup for those who wanted them.

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces
Clayton Kershaw P 10,000 12,400 24,947 7,400
Felix Hernandez P 10,800 12,200 23,328 7,550
Matt Garza P 6,500 8,300 16,102 5,600
A.J. Pierzynski C 3,100 4,100 7,447 4,550
Yadier Molina C 3,300 4,400 6,556 5,250
Ryan Howard 1B 3,600 4,100 5,909 4,650
Justin Smoak 1B 2,500 3,400 5,508 4,500
Jason Kipnis 2B 2,800 4,000 5,759 4,900
Scooter Gennett 2B 2,200 3,400 5,204 4,300
Evan Longoria 3B 3,600 4,200 6,152 4,950
Kyle Seager 3B 3,000 3,900 7,381 5,200
Justin Turner 3B/2B 2,800 2,900 6,091 3,900
Hanley Ramirez SS 4,300 5,200 8,865 5,350
Everth Cabrera SS 2,900 3,800 4,524 4,700
Yasiel Puig OF 5,200 5,500 8,900 5,950
Carlos Gomez OF 5,100 5,400 9,582 5,500
Lucas Duda OF 3,100 3,700 6,449 4,200
Michael Saunders OF 3,400 3,400 7,231 4,500
James Jones OF 2,700 3,300 5,714 4,250
Marcell Ozuna OF 2,800 3,400 5,287 4,600
Oswaldo Arcia OF 2,800 4,100 6,087 4,550


Fanduel Linep: 

Clayton Kershaw P 10,000
Justin Smoak 1B 2,500
Jason Kipnis 2B 2,800
Evan Longoria 3B 3,600
Everth Cabrera SS 2900
Ryan Braun OF 4600
Marcell Ozuna OF 2800
James Jones OF 2700

DraftKings Lineup 

Clayton Kershaw P 12,400
Matt Garza P 8,300
A.J. Pierzynski C 4,100
Justin Smoak 1B 3,400
Jason Kipnis 2B 4,000
Evan Longoria 3B 4,200
Justin Turner SS 2,900
Lucas Duda OF 3,700
Marcell Ozuna OF 3,400
Michael Saunders OF 3,400


If this DFS Playbook isn't enough daily information for you I strongly recommend you check out some of our other DFS Tools as well. We've got: Ray Flowers Daily Trends articleDaily Fantasy Projections & SalariesBatter Vs. Pitcher dataWeather Report & our entire DFS repertoire. We always welcome suggestions to in order to help us develop the best DFS tools in the fantasy sports industry 


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