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Since the day games stole most of the favorable pitching matchups today, we have our work cut out for us. Whenever you see the names Jered Weaver and Phil Hughes you know that the pitching is quite thin. You will notice a fair amount of carry over of a bunch of the names that I've been using regularly as we continue to ride the hot hands of players like Justin Upton, Pablo Sandoval and Jose Altuve. Until these players either cool down or their price rises it is highly advisable to keep the train rolling. 

For the first time in two weeks I am putting Troy Tulowitzki back on the DFS Playbook tonight. Although his price is still outrageous, I feel as though the hype train has slowed down just enough for another big game out of Tulo. The biggest problem I have found tonight is for our DraftKings users. There are no low salary outfielders on the board tonight whatsoever. The only one that comes close is the A's Craig Gentry who I believe will wind up starting for the injured Coco Crisp. So, that means either sacrificing pitching or infield position to save on salary. I have included a good amount of value across all DFS platforms tonight so take your pick and as always let me know if you have any questions. 

Here is the DFS Playbook for Wednesday May 21st:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces
Michael Wacha P 8,700 10,300 22,536 6,250
Phil Hughes P 6,400 9,500 16,366 5,200
Jered Weaver P 7,600 11,000 22,223 5,900
A.J. Pierzynski C 2,900 3,600 4,664 4,400
Wilin Rosario C 3,400 3,600 5,771 4,850
Hector Sanchez C 2,900 2,500 4,720 4,100
Freddie Freeman 1B 3,900 4,700 7,944 5,550
Matt Adams 1B 2,600 3,500 4,858 4,700
Billy Butler 1B 2,600 3,900 4,166 4,650
Jose Altuve 2B 3,700 4,500 6,768 5,050
Jedd Gyorko 2B 2,600 3,700 2,610 4,350
Dee Gordon 2B/SS 3,600 4,900 7,642 5,250
Evan Longoria 3B 3,500 4,400 7,300 5,200
Pablo Sandoval 3B 2,800 4,200 5,588 4,750
Manny Machado 3B 2,900 3,800 4,887 4,650
Troy Tulowitzki SS 5,800 6,100 10,534 6,250
Jimmy Rollins SS 3,500 4,700 6,767 4,800
Andrelton Simmons SS 2,700 3,100 4,843 4,850
Justin Upton OF 3,900 4,900 6,767 5,550
Yoenis Cespedes OF 3,800 4,500 7,255 5,100
Jason Heyward OF 3,100 3,800 5,743 4,850
Wil Myers OF 2,800 3,700 4,600 4,600
Adam Jones OF 3,700 4,700 6,899 5,450
Tyler Colvin OF 2,200 4,600 4,599 4,150
Craig Gentry OF 2,900 3,200 4,865 4,000


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