What a beautiful day to win some money playing daily fantasy baseball. Of course, it is not really about the money but of all the side dishes in life money has got to be one of my favorites. Today we get ten games on the night card which is plenty to work with on the hitting side. However, pitchers tonight are extraordinarily random tonight other than Clayton Kershaw against the Diamondbacks. Although we all know that Kershaw will be majorite owned I cannot rightfully recommend using another starting pitcher in cash games tonight. In tournaments such as DraftKings $27 Payoff Pitch or Fanduel's $25 Strikeout you could use any variety of starters including the erratic Tim Lincecum or even a big contrarian play in the Indians Josh Tomlin. Although neither made it to the DFS Playbook tonight, they make for solid enough options if you are playing multiple tournaments tonight. 

As far as the hitting goes tonight I am once again not going to pay the premium for the Rockies bats such as Troy Tulowitzki, Charlie Blackmon or even Carlos Gonzalez tonight. I told ya'll to stay away from them last night and it worked wonders and ever Rockies stack hit the dirt HARD as the Vegas over/under of 10 missed by a scant six points. I am feeling another under tonight as the line sits at 9.5 currently. I am sure the Rockies will score more runs tonight but not at the premium by which they are priced at once again. The only Rockies player in the Playbook tonight is Drew Stubbs who is hitting second and crushes bad LHP. 

Without futher boring reasoning, here is the DFS Playbook for Saturday May 17th:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces
Clayton Kershaw P 10,400 13,000 25,229 7,500
Cole Hamels P 8,100 9,200 17,462 5,700
Jordan Lyles P 7,000 8,800 17,543 5,650
Jordan Pacheco C 2,200 3,800 4,246 4,250
Yan Gomes C 3,100 3,900 6,437 4,700
Chris Iannetta C 2,800 3,800 5,014 4,300
Miguel Cabrera 1B/3B 5,000 5,700 9,697 6,000
Adrian Gonzalez 1B 3,500 4,600 7,778 5,400
C.J. Cron 1B 2,800 4,100 5,252 4,300
Ian Kinsler 2B 3,800 4,900 7,357 5,300
Robinson Cano 2B 3,600 4,900 8,397 5,300
Brian Dozier 2B 3,800 4,900 8,188 5,000
Adrian Beltre 3B 3,900 5,200 8,369 5,600
Kyle Seager 3B 3,300 3,900 6,641 5,200
Pablo Sandoval 3B 2,500 3,600 4,823 4,550
Asdrubal Cabrera SS 3,400 4,400 5,702 4,750
Jed Lowrie SS/3B 3,200 3,700 5,659 4,850
Yunel Escobar SS 2,200 3,200 3,734 4,200
Mike Trout OF 5,000 5,800 9,527 5,800
Yasiel Puig OF 4,700 5,500 10,039 5,700
Hunter Pence OF 3,700 4,400 7,154 5,000
Christian Yelich OF 3,100 4,400 6,030 4,900
Drew Stubbs OF 3,300 3,900 6,927 4,600
Carlos Quentin OF 3,000 3,800 6,205 4,250
Michael Saunders OF 2,900 3,000 5,174 4,000
James Jones OF 3,000 2,800 4,258 2,500


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