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2014 Fantasy Football: Updated Early Player Rankings

The first fantasy football rankings since the 2014 NFL Draft

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It has been awhile since we got down to brass tax this offseason and figured out how all of the changes affect the fantasy value of players. Now that some of the dust has settled on retirements, free agency, failed drug tests and the NFL Draft we can finally make some sense of how things might play out in 2014. 

I am not going too deep in these rankings just yet as I really wouldn't be doing you guys any favors until I see the upcoming minicamps and read the OTA notes for myself. But this will be a good starting point for launching our 2014 fantasy football research. 

By now everybody knows that Josh Gordon is facing yet another suspension from the NFL for failing his third drug test. This will likely force him to miss the entire season and thus he will not appear on my rankings. For more of my thoughts on the Josh Gordon story you can read my piece on him entitled "Smoking It All Away: The Josh Gordon Story." 

You will however see a few new names gracing our rankings for the first time. Titans RB Bishop Sankey, Bills WR Sammy Watkins and Lions TE Eric Ebron (among others) jump toward the leaderboard immediately after being drafted. One notable name you will not see is Johnny Manziel. I have many thoughts on "Johnny Football" but in a nutshell he will not ever be a high quality NFL QB. He's too small, plays too recklessly and worst of all is a complete flake. If you're looking for a dynasty league QB for 2015 and beyond I would strongly suggest Blake Bortles of the Jaguars. If you wanted to go deep on the subject I would tell you to take a look at Titans QB Zach Mettenberger

Alright, enough of the foreplay. Let's get down to it. Here are my updated fantasy football early rankings for 2014:

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There hasn't been much movement on my QB board this offseason. The player moving up most really is Matthew Stafford because of some very good acquisitions the Lions have made for him in Golden Tate and Eric Ebron. Also retaining Joique Bell was a positive there as well. Cam Newton is starting to worry me a bit though. The offensive line in Carolina is absolutely terrible right now and they have virtually no proven receivers. I like the selection of Kelvin Benjamin but he is more of a red zone option than a chain moving pass catcher. 

Here are my 2014 Fantasy Football Early QB Rankings. Please feel free to leave your comments below or tweet them to me (@Jeff_Mans). 

# Player Team
1 Peyton Manning Broncos
2 Drew Brees Saints
3 Aaron Rodgers Packers
4 Matthew Stafford Lions
5 Cam Newton Panthers
6 Andrew Luck Colts
7 Jay Cutler Bears
8 Tony Romo Cowboys
9 Tom Brady Patriots
10 Colin Kaepernick 49ers
11 Nick Foles Eagles
12 Matt Ryan Falcons
13 Ben Roethlisberger Steelers
14 Robert Griffin III Redskins
15 Andy Dalton Bengals
16 Philip Rivers Chargers
17 Russell Wilson Seahawks
18 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins
19 Eli Manning Giants
20 Jake Locker Titans


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The 49ers RB situation has become even more murky after the selection of Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde in the second round of the NFL Draft. This is a must watch situation over the summer because whoever wins that job will be a top ten and possibly top five fantasy RB this season. This is why you see Frank Gore ranked highest here right now but I cannot put very much faith in him with three prime suitors for his job just waiting him out.

The other thing I have realized this offseason is that Matt Forte is absolutely gold in Marc Trestman's offense. The only RB I trust more going than Forte going into the 2014 season is Adrian Peterson

Here are my 2014 Fantasy Football Early RB Rankings. Please feel free to leave your comments below or tweet them to me (@Jeff_Mans). 

# Player Team
1 Adrian Peterson Vikings
2 Matt Forte Bears
3 Jamaal Charles Chiefs
4 LeSean McCoy Eagles
5 Marshawn Lynch Seahawks
6 Eddie Lacy Packers
7 DeMarco Murray Cowboys
8 C.J. Spiller Bills
9 Doug Martin Buccaneers
10 Frank Gore 49ers
11 Montee Ball Broncos
12 Ray Rice Ravens
13 Zac Stacy Rams
14 Chris Johnson Jets
15 Reggie Bush Lions
16 Ben Tate Browns
17 Le'Veon Bell Rams
18 Giovani Bernard Bengals
19 Arian Foster Texans
20 Knowshon Moreno Dolphins
21 Bishop Sankey Titans
22 Steven Jackson Falcons
23 Carlos Hyde 49ers
24 Trent Richardson Colts
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Wide receivers are more valuable than ever before. Anybody who plays fantasy football and has for awhile should know that by now. It is very logical that the first round of most drafts this year will see over half selections be WR's. So with that it is important to understand which ones you can count on and which ones will break your heart. 

Obviously the loss of Josh Gordon hurts the top end of this group but all that really means is another player will jump up and replace his fantasy value. That is the essential point of drafting players you can count on. This draft saw an amazing amount of WR talent get selected which will replenish many teams WR corps. Players like Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans are certain to be drafted in the early round this year but only one will be on this list. 

Let's take a look at my 2014 Fantasy Football Early WR Rankings. Please feel free to leave your comments below or tweet them to me (@Jeff_Mans).

# Player Team
1 Calvin Johnson Lions
2 A.J. Green Bengals
3 Brandon Marshall Bears
4 Demaryius Thomas Broncos
5 Dez Bryant Cowboys
6 Julian Edelman Patriots
7 Julio Jones Falcons
8 Antonio Brown Steelers
9 Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals
10 Randall Cobb Packers
11 Pierre Garcon Redskins
12 Victor Cruz Giants
13 Wes Welker Broncos
14 Vincent Jackson Buccaneers
15 Alshon Jeffery Bears
16 Pierre Garcon Redskins
17 Reggie Wayne Colts
18 Jordy Nelson Packers
19 Michael Crabtree 49ers
20 Keenan Allen Chargers
21 Jeremy Maclin Eagles
22 Andre Johnson Texans
23 Roddy White Falcons
24 Sammy Watkins Bills
25 Cordarrelle Patterson Vikings
26 Kendall Wright Titans
27 Marques Colston Saints
28 Emmanuel Sanders Broncos
29 Eric Decker Jets
30 Golden Tate Lions
31 Jordan Matthews Eagles
32 Mike Wallace Dolphins
33 Terrance Williams Cowboys
34 Torrey Smith Ravens
35 Dwayne Bowe Chiefs
36 Anquan Boldin 49ers


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There is no question that we all will be very tempted to draft a TE in the first round this year after another monster season by Jimmy Graham. But Graham is unhappy with his contract status and is suing the NFL in order to be compensated as a WR and not just a TE. So, there could be a holdout coming for the best TE in the game which obviously kills any chance of him going early in drafts. 

Then you have the constant injuries to the guy you see above in Rob Gronkowski and a decision will have to be made on where to draft him in 2014 as well. So for all the wishful thinking of drafting a monster TE in the early rounds, the better strategy once again appears to be waiting back and finding that breakout guy in the middle to late rounds. Pretty much the Jordan Cameron of 2013 which all of my loyal readers know that I had Cameron in my top 5 at this point last year.

So who is my Jordan Cameron pick for this year? I will give you a hint...right now he is ranked 15th in my 2014 Early TE Rankings. Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below or tweet them to me (@Jeff_Mans). 

# Player Team
1 Jimmy Graham Saints
2 Rob Gronkowski Patriots
3 Vernon Davis 49ers
4 Julius Thomas Broncos
5 Kyle Rudolph Vikings
6 Martellus Bennett Bears
7 Greg Olsen Panthers
8 Jason Witten Cowboys
9 Jordan Reed Redskins
10 Ladarius Green Chargers
11 Heath Miller Steelers
12 Eric Ebron Lions
13 Jordan Cameron Browns
14 Zach Ertz Eagles
15 C.J. Fiedorowicz Texans



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